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SIDI cleat insert "adaptors" for Look styled cleats?(2 posts)

SIDI cleat insert "adaptors" for Look styled cleats?filtersweep
Apr 19, 2003 12:26 PM
I just switched over to the wonderful world of standard Look-style cleats/pedals (SPD-SLs, actually, but they have the same bolt pattern). I had been using SPD-Rs.

Is there any point at all in using the standard Sidi cleat insert (that are included with all Sidis) when there is no need for the adaptor. I skipped using it, and there is plenty of room for cleat clearance. Seems the "Look insert" does nothing more than add a few mms of height to the cleat setup. I should probably mention that the cleat bolts are ridiculously short, and I'm guessing each mm counts...

What is the point of such an "adaptor" ? Or, is it like using a spoke guard... there really is no point.

Hey- I'm at WORK- that's why I'm not out riding... so enough already ;)
re: Advice from a Sidi Seller.teoteoteo
Apr 19, 2003 5:04 PM

I have sold the shoes for years and if you can get away without using the adaptors by all means do it. Your intuition is correct and you will have a little less between your foot and the pedal--not a bad thing in my book. I have only sold a few pairs of SPD-SL's and have only mounted cleats on non-Sidi shoes so take my word as opinion instead of fact....