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Training while riding with spouse/significant other ...(5 posts)

Training while riding with spouse/significant other ...Sean OConnor
Apr 19, 2003 10:33 AM
Do any of you have suggestions for getting in quality training while riding with a partner who isn't as strong as you? Does riding a tandem even things out? I ride at least two days a week with my wife, which is great, but I only have limited time to train. Thanks!
Make those your recovery rides. . .js5280
Apr 19, 2003 10:46 AM
Best thing is make those your recovery rides. We all tend to want to go too fast for those anyways.

Here's a link to a past discussion on this topic, including tandems. . .
re: Training while riding with spouse/significant other ...GeoCyclist
Apr 19, 2003 11:45 PM
Three years ago I had the same dilemma. I thought that switching to a tandem would be a poor alternative to single bikes. After taking a test ride on a tandem I purchased one. The only issue that my wife and I had with riding our tandem was pedal cadence; as stoker and pilot must pedal at the same rpm on a conventional tandem. De Vince makes tandem bikes with a third BB that allows the pilot and stoker to pedal at different cadence (or one rider can stop pedalling). After several years of tandem cycling I would not recommend this for road riding, and my wife would say the same thing. Since riding our tandem my wife has become a much better cyclist by increasing her pedal cadence and endurance; however, this happened over a period of time and with compromise by both riders! I would strongly recommend going for a few test rides before buying a tandem. Tandem cycling can be a lot of fun, and the speed is something to experience!

Ride On!
You gotta read this...pnitefly
Apr 20, 2003 8:53 AM
I recently got my wife interested in road biking last summer. She rode quite a bit last summer but then tapered off during the winter. 90% of the time she wants to ride with me and at first I would rip her legs off all the time. She has gotten faster and the other day she told me that she wanted to go on a group ride. I chose the easiest group I could think of. Historically, it had always been the team in training ride. As many of you may know, team in training is a good group for novices to fall into because the training is very relaxed and there is usually a no drop rule. Since it is for charity, alot of the team in training riders have never even touched a bike before. I thought this ride would be perfect for her intro to higher mileage.
Well, to make a long story short, it turned out to be the team in training all stars. Evidently, all of the slower riders were absent that day or warned not to attend so it was a no holds barred hammerfest. I felt so guilty for bringing her along. She was really suffering! Lots of hills, menacing cars and those legs sapping climbs that keep getting steeper and steeper. My wife also has asthma so you guessed it! She had an attack midway up a formidable hill. Of course we didn't have an inhaler (Why would we need that? It's just going to be a leisurely jaunt!) However, she kept on chugging along. I couldn't believe how much abuse she took. On top of all this, there was no shortcut home or bailout route. You could either go the way we were going or the way we came. Neither situation seemed appealing to her! I thought for sure her practically brand new Cannondale was going to be up on Ebay with no reserve by that eveing. However, 4 miles from the end of our ride she was talking and actually laughing again! I knew I was off the hook then. She survived. Now, I cant say she wants to go out and ride with the guys again, but she definetly knows she can dig deep when she has to and sometimes there is no choice! Anyway, don't let this happen to your S.O.! I think I got lucky that my wife pulled it off and was so nonchalant about. She loves riding even more now!
Tandems are great - if you can afford one.Spoke Wrench
Apr 20, 2003 10:19 AM
If the two of you aren't pretty closely matched physically, it's almost impossible for the two of you to bicycle together. No matter how good your intentions and how slowly you think you're riding, you'll eventually find yourself alone at the top of a hill with her nowhere in sight. Meanwhile, she feels like she's been chasing all day and, every time she catches up to you, you take off again. Not fun for either rider.

A tandem solves all of that. Basically, each rider contributes what they can so you can work as hard as you like. The two of you can talk. You don't have to make constant decisions about who goes first when a car approaches from the rear. She can alert you when there's a pretty view on either side. You always get to the lunch stop together. The two of you have more togetherness so you'll probably get more sex. tandems are great!