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Hamilton Worlds - Which Grandstand??(2 posts)

Hamilton Worlds - Which Grandstand??BaadDawg
Apr 19, 2003 8:58 AM
Anyone have thoughts on which Grandstand to buy tickets in?

Silver is standing only, you see the climb and decent.

Gold you see all the team hoopla, the riders preparing, you get to sit, etc.

Thoughts on gold versus silver and also which grandstand in gold.

Also how high/low do you want to be in the golds.

How many rows in the grandstands?

re: Not sure about all of the particulars...WCC
Apr 20, 2003 6:48 AM
But I did the pre-order thing and got tickets in Grandstand 1A Row 7. I have no clue where that is, but like you said, its seated and with a view of the JumboTron. A good view I would hope. The ticket was for the whole week. I will probably only see the ELite RR. Im not sure if its a book of tickets where I could sell the others or if its a pass of some sort. Anyway, I figured, the Worlds dont come close to home very often so i sprung for the seats.

I know its early, but Im kind of suprised at the apparent lack of interest. I havent seen much discussion, and I found an article in the Hamilton newspaper that basically said the same thing, like "Hey, its time to get this thing going..."