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Amstel Gold Picks(8 posts)

Amstel Gold Picksboneman
Apr 18, 2003 10:31 AM
Last few years have seen small breaks except for Zabel's sprint win and Riis' awesome solo break in 1997 and I think that will happen again this year.

I'll go with Van Petegem to win. Highly motivated and probably still on form. A victory here would make him one of the immortals in the Pantheon of Belgium cyclists.

Danilo di Luca, second as in a race of that length, I see PVP being stronger at the end.

Boogerd in 3rd.

Dark horse, Astarloa of Saeco. People forget that he came in 4th in last year's World Cup and was in second until being displaced by Museeuw.

Saeco's got some strong riders including DDL, Astarloa and Celestino any of which could podium and one can never discount Rabobank, this being their "home" race. I'd like to say Dekker but from what I've seen, he's still recovering.
Bettini, Hoffman, Vandenbrucke nmrollo tommassi
Apr 18, 2003 10:57 AM
Apr 18, 2003 11:05 AM
Anyone know how far it is from the train station in Valkenburg? I'm planning on making the trek down there from Amsterdam to watch the race and this seems like the best point to catch it. Also anyone else planning on going and want to meet up?

Bettini is injured...Dwayne Barry
Apr 18, 2003 11:09 AM
but I think you've got a good one with VdB, he's due.
What about Lance?BIG RING
Apr 18, 2003 12:15 PM
A really hard climb to the finish this sprints. This could be his year, but, PVP is on FIRE right now. That final break in Paris-Roubaix just floored me. How fast were those guys going over that "road?"
I don't think he's been racing...Dwayne Barry
Apr 18, 2003 3:48 PM
enough to win. All the changes in pace will hurt him more than the other big players who are race-fit. But I'd bet he'll be around for the finale.
re: Amstel Gold PicksWill Ross
Apr 18, 2003 12:36 PM
I'll go with a surprise winner and take Nardello. He can ride uphill, and Telekom has been strong so far this season. Boogerd will be in the break. Saeco has been putting multiple riders in moves this spring -- I'll take Celestino to be top-3, since Di Luca is focused on the Ardennes races -- though he's a great uphill sprinter if he does make the cut. VDB should be strong, but PVP may be thinking World Cup, which always makes guys more conservative.
My feelings - as usual - LA will out sprint them all. (nm)Bruno S
Apr 18, 2003 1:25 PM