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Salsa Campeon - Possibly the Best Deal in Cycling?(6 posts)

Salsa Campeon - Possibly the Best Deal in Cycling?2WheelsGood
Apr 17, 2003 12:51 PM
Just a few weeks back, I was looking into getting a Lemond, butted ti, Dura-Ace Gruppo, top-line Bontrager wheels, etc. Would have come up to around $5.5K plus.

Then I saw an ad for Salsa's Campeon - carbon fork, scandium main triangle, carbon rear triangle. Went to's "bike builder" and spec'd it out with full Dura-Ace gruppo, Mavic Ksyrium SL's, Thompson stem, Easton carbon bars, Use carbon seatpost, Selle Italia Ti saddle, and Dura-Ace pedals. Under 17 pounds for $3k. Not a typo - under 17 pounds and $3K.

Question of the moment: Is there a $2K plus difference between these two rigs? I am an intermediate club rider who likes to go out on fast Saturday morning club rides. I usually do two to three centuries a year. I also ride mountainbikes (when there's an "R" in the month) and my daily ride is a cyclocross bike.

Love this forum. Two wheels for the people!
re: Salsa Campeon - Possibly the Best Deal in Cycling?russw19
Apr 17, 2003 1:28 PM
I am going to take the simple side of this argument. You are comparing a Scandium (read Aluminium with some extra alloys thrown in) to a butted Ti frame. The ride will be vastly different, the longevity of the Ti frame will be much greater, and the price is obviously a huge factor. But you are asking if there is a difference between a Ti butted frame and a Scandium frame. The answer is sure! The question you really want to be asking is if the Ti frame is really worth an extra 2 grand. And that can only be answered by you. You would need to ride both bikes and decide that, but only you can answer that for yourself. Sure I can give you opinions, as can many more on this board, but would you really spend an extra 2 grand on a bike just because I told you to? Find somewhere that has them in stock and ride them. You can't tell crap from my online opinions on bike feel. But the LeMond's butted Ti frames are the top of Ti technology today. It's a Reynold's mechanically butted tubeset and I have riden one... it's super sweet. I also have riden a few Scandium frames, and I like the feel of all of them. I did ride one that I hated the geometry, but it still felt good on the road, it just handled like crap. Do I think the LeMond is worth the extra bux, yes, personally I do. But it's because Ti won't fatigue, break, or corrode. It will last you forever. Your frame will last you as long as technology still makes parts to fit it. 50 years from now, who knows what bikes will look like, but that frame will still be good. I don't have enough info to make that same claim for Scandium, but I would doubt it will hold up quite as well.

Just my opinion,
Oh yeah, and project one!russw19
Apr 17, 2003 1:31 PM
And I forgot to mention above that you can get your bike custom built and painted thru the Project One if you buy the LeMond Victoire. So you can get Dura-Ace or Record, you can spec your seatpost, and you can design your own paint scheme. Cool feature... it's still slightly limited, but it's still cool.

re: Salsa Campeon - Possibly the Best Deal in Cycling?swvegg
Apr 17, 2003 6:17 PM
Don't base your bike descision on weight. Especially at your level of riding.
I guess I'd say no.djg
Apr 18, 2003 5:16 AM
These are probably different animals and I have no idea which would fit you better or which would offer a ride you'd prefer. I'd be disinclined to pay 2k more for the LeMond largely because you can buy a killer Ti frame AND the Scandium bike for the price you are quoted on the LeMond. I think Strong will do custom Ti for that 2k difference and I know you can get a CT1 with a fork ordered for less than 2k. Assuming you liked both bikes you could ride the heck out of the Scandium and have a Ti frame waiting in reserve. The real question is: what bike do you really want? And do you have to pay 5.5 k for the LeMond or is that the price that gets bumped up with a bunch of Project 1 premiums? There are tons of great bikes out there--Ti, CF, Steel, and, yes, Scandium (AL) that will build up for way less than 5.5k--spend what you want but get what you want for your money.
Ti: spec out Habanero, Airborne, etc. and save $ (nm)geeker
Apr 18, 2003 6:26 PM