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Pictures from Down Under!(6 posts)

Pictures from Down Under!Sprint-Nick
Apr 17, 2003 5:14 AM
Before I begin... if your going to flame don't bother. I'm posting this for the people that might be interested in my trip to Australia.

I apologize I don't know how, or have the time to post all the pictures with this email so I will just post the one with Sean Eadie, Ryan Bayley, and myself. They are both incredibly friend, down to earth and humble guys. Sean Eadie looks different without the beard hey?
G'day mates!

Australia has been great and training is going well! Only problem is its
getting a bit nippy... 14 degrees has never felt so cold.

Anyway just thought you'd like to see some pictues. I have all the
pictures on my website so if you go to,
follow the Pictures and Video link  to Australia 2003 it will put you in a
folder with some pictures! To go through them just click on a picture
then the back button to get back to the main list.

The website for the directory is

Here is a quick overview of what they all are:
-valley&valley2 are pictures heading into the river valley I am living in... its
about 20 km south of the downtown core
-Sydney but theres just a ton of greenspace in between neighbourhoods  
which has yet to turn anything but green!
-start is me starting
-sn is me and the world champion in my event, Sean Eadie
-room is well my room when I first got here... I have no dressers so stuff
explodes if I don't stay on top of it since I'm living out of a suitcase - the
most important thing though is my National team jacket, skinsuit and
National championship medal and jersey. Its a nice thing to wake up to
and the jersey and medal are what I'm gunning for this year at
-roadbike2 is my bike but in the background is from the other direction
the valley one is taken... the valley pictures have the bridge right at my
back - *** Just a quick thank you to my sponsors; Shimano, ITM, Rudy
Project , Peak Power Sport Developement Calgary, Planet Beach and
-race is me racing... I'm up top in the corner... only 47 degrees banking
-opera house... if you don't know what this is I've lost hope for you
-night is coming back from Manly on the ferry, opera house on the left,
the harbour bridge and some of the downtown core
-nickwarmup is me warming up... how come I'm not gonna fall over?
I'm not moving!
-nickstart is me starting
-nickseanryan is me, the world champion; Sean Eadie and the
commonwealth champion; Ryan Bayley
-nickaero is me doing a 1 km race
-natpark is the national park by my house... its about 20 mins south by
-menai is a picture taken from a neighbourhood about 10 mins from my
-manly&manly2 are pictures in Manly which you can take a ferry to from
Circular Quays in downtown Sydney and is right on the outlet to the
Pacific ocean from Sydney Harbour
-home is a picture off the back porch into the river that makes its way
into the Pacifc and is seen in both the Valley and bike picture... sharks
have been seen making their way up it
-Hill is me climbing the driveway out of the house... its about 25% or 3
times steeper than almost any hill in Calgary
-hb is the harbour bridge - its a bit more obscure than the Opera House
so its okay if you didn't know that
-Cronulla is a very popular beach in South Sydney and is very close to
where Captain Cook first landed
-cockateel... birds that I swore were parrots at first They were really
nice though... they are all white and have a yellowish, green head ploom
-baldhill is about 45 mins outside of Sydney and if you look down the
coast it heads towards Melbourne

Have a Great Easter!
re: Pictures from Down Under!MR_GRUMPY
Apr 17, 2003 5:51 AM
Were the results as good as the photos, or was it a chance to get beaten up by the best?
got out on the wrong side of the bed? nmweiwentg
Apr 17, 2003 7:45 AM
Nice shots Nick. . .js5280
Apr 17, 2003 8:39 AM
I can tell you mother didn't come down with ya (i.e. room.jpg) ;-)
re: Pictures from Down Under!climbo
Apr 17, 2003 9:15 AM
looks like a sulphur crested cockatoo from here. They are a type of parrot, cockatiels are smaller bird and usually have more colour than white. Nice area to live and ride down there, enjoy the hills!
Nice pictures & website!! Thanks for sharing. nmIamhoosier
Apr 17, 2003 9:32 AM