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Advice from Fathers/Mothers(6 posts)

Advice from Fathers/MothersPEDDLEFOOT
Apr 16, 2003 11:40 AM
My 8 year old Daughter wants to ride go on bike rides with me.I would love to have her along for short rides on our local bike path or around the neighborhood.Any advice on how to get her started and things to be careful of would be greatly appreciated.
Precious junk milesContinental
Apr 16, 2003 12:18 PM
I ride junk miles with my 10 yr old daughter, 8 yr old and 7 yr old sons. A six mile ride is easy, 10 miles is getting long. I found that they have many of the same issues as adult riders, but they occur at much lower mileage. They need a bike that fits and a comfortable seat. Be prepared to stop frequently. Get her a seat pack and water bottle and have her carry a treat. Have fun and be effusive with praise.
Here's some...Andy M-S
Apr 16, 2003 12:20 PM
First, get her a good bike. I went through a couple with my now-almost-9-year-old before I found something that was solid, a 20"-wheeled Raleigh with 6 speeds.

By the age of 8, kids are capable of handling multispeed bikes quite well, and will find the gearing helpful on the hills.

Second, get yourself set up on a suitable bike; a singlespeed isn't a bad idea if it's geared right. You won't be as tempted to speed away.

Third, teach her the rules of the road. And the realities of dealing with cars on the way to/from the bike path. Teach her how to use a bell or call out to pedestrians.

My son has been riding to school (a 'burb in Wisconsin, your mileage may vary) since he was 6, and has done some fairly challenging rides with me (15+ milers when he was 6). Start her right, and she will love riding forever.
second the SS, or even betterSteve_0
Apr 17, 2003 8:20 AM
a nice upright beach cruiser. With a beer-holder on the handlebar.

although watching the little one learn to ride is exciting, being uncomfortable at excruciatingly slow speeds is not.
We Get Some Of The Neighborhood Kids Together...Gregory Taylor
Apr 16, 2003 12:30 PM
...and do a "group" ride. The "Speedy Cheetahs" range in age from 8 - 10 (except for the old guy). We have a route that we do through the neighborhood, with set stops. For example, there is a creek where we stop and throw rocks (hopefully not at each other). There is a local playgroud where we stop as well. Other times we mix it up and take some trails running through the woods and venture into other neighborhoods. All of this involves a distance of about 3-5 miles, max.

Feel honored that your daughter wants to ride with you. Keep the distances short, have a destination, and keep it fun...
sense of adventurecyclopathic
Apr 17, 2003 2:52 AM
be ready to offer different routes (bikepathes, parks, fire roads etc) Kids at this age are very curious and for them bike is the way to explore world.