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First time Roadie buyer (Felt F45R vs Lemond Buenos Aires)(9 posts)

First time Roadie buyer (Felt F45R vs Lemond Buenos Aires)kjr39
Apr 16, 2003 10:20 AM
I need your help. I'm a mountain biker looking to get a roadie and since I do not have a lot of experience on the road, I figured I would ask you kind folks what your opinion would be of a couple of bikes that are in my price range. (~1500)

I will be using this bike for training and fitness with the hope of completing a century or two. I have no plans to race. I am 6' and 225lbs with a 33" inseam. I am looking primarily at either a 58 or 59 bike.

At first I was looking only at steel bikes and found the Lemond to be what I was looking for. However, the Felt has carbon seat stays that are supposed to smooth out the ride. So, I am not sure which would be best for long rides. Will the Felt with the carbon be as smooth as the steel Lemond? Should I worry that the Lemond is using Reynolds 525 seat and chain stays given my weight? Anyone have experience with Felt bikes? (I haven't been able to find a lot of information on the web about them...)

Anything else I should be considering in this equation?

All opinions appreciated and welcome. :)


re: First time Roadie buyer (Felt F45R vs Lemond Buenos Aires)Spunout
Apr 16, 2003 10:58 AM
I would check some sizing, and not go more than a 57 in the Lemond. You could use a 55 fine, but the front end will be low.

Nothing wrong with the 525 and the stays. The steel of the BA is comfortable and will be appreciated over a century. Carbon stays are a fad, some may argue, some may agree. Steel stays are more durable than Carbon if you rough it up.
I could have posted this 2 months agoSpecialTater
Apr 16, 2003 11:02 AM
I had the same budget, same goals and similar background. I compared a Felt 45 R with a Speciallized Allez Elite (steel). I chose the Allez due to the ride comfort and the LBS. Couldn't be happier today (well, for some more $$$ I could).

I couldn't find much info on Felt either as they are relatively new to the general road bike business (they've been doing tri bikes for a while apparently).

I got really good advice from people here--make sure it fits and do a lot of test rides.
I went with the Felt because of the lively ride....niteschaos
Apr 16, 2003 12:22 PM
But I also had plans to race. Nothing tells you what you need to know more than a test ride.
re: First time Roadie buyer (Felt F45R vs Lemond Buenos Aires)kevinmd
Apr 16, 2003 12:28 PM
Ride the bikes. Sometimes, shops will rent you the bike (many won't) from their rental fleet to try. Take advantage of it and go out for 10 miles or so.

Make sure you are fit correctly. I am 6'4" and ride a 59cm Lemond (but I have a small inseam) that fits me quite well, so don't be surprised to find yourself on a smaller frame than you anticipated.

With that said, I love Lemonds. The frames are nice and comfy, and they come with a carbon fork that you will like more than carbon seat stays. There is a large bang for buck ratio with the Lemond line.

-- Kevin
Lemond Buenos Airessievers11
Apr 16, 2003 1:42 PM
Rock and Roll, much better bike...smoother ride and will last much, much longer. Better parts spec too. The Buenos Aires is a strong light bike. A ton of curb appeal as well. The lemonds have have a slightly longer wheel base, which will make them handle better for the long haul.

Ask your dealer to swap out the saddle and pedales though, they suck.
@ 225#, be careful with the OEM low-spoke wheels (nm)geeker
Apr 16, 2003 2:08 PM
I have a Lemond BA.slide13
Apr 16, 2003 5:17 PM
I have a Lemond BA that I love. Great frame and the part spec is really good for the money (even though I have since switched it over to Campy) It's a 3.7lb frame with an 853 main triangle and 525 stays, that is pretty damn good. Nothing at all wrong with 525, it's just a touch heavier then the 725 stays used on some of the higher end steel frames (about 6 ounces or so according to Lemond).

Oh, and as far as weight is concerned. I weigh 265lbs and ride this frame, not a single problem to speak of. When I changed to Campy I switched my wheels out but while I was riding the Bontragers they never needed truing and held up amazingly well. They arn't the lightest wheels, but they are deffinetly plenty strong.
I have a Lemond BA.harry hall
Apr 17, 2003 7:04 AM
Another Le Mond vote here. REasons:
Steel will always ride better
Felt's al tubing is cheap stuff, the bikes have a harsh ride
Felt's proportioning is too compact and aero unless you are
either a triathlete or a masochist. Top tubes are bizarrely long; the designer must be some kind of human basset hound.
Felt is worse at sneaking cheap parts in where they think the customer won't notice
If a Lemond ever has a warranty issue, the Trek Empire is top-notch at taking care of their customers
My qualifications to judge: Independent bike repair business owner, former employee of Trek Empire dealer, assembled about thirty Felts last year for a gym owner who was selling them to his club member. My old workplace sold Serotta as well as Lemond, as good a bike as Serotta is my opinion used to be that "A Lemond is 80% of the bike for 50% of the money."