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Texas Riders, Shiner Bash questions(4 posts)

Texas Riders, Shiner Bash questionstxcross
Apr 16, 2003 6:54 AM
Looking at riding the Shiner Bash next month and wondering if anyone out there has done it in years past. I've recently ridden the Blubonnet Express and MS150. MS150 was great, Bluebonnet beat me to death on some of the less than perfect roads.

So, basically what is the ride like and how well is it supported.

Thanks in advance,
We did it last year..Tower
Apr 16, 2003 7:33 AM
First off, have they set a date yet? We heard it was May 10th this year.

We rode MTB's last year, and it was also our first organized ride so take that into consideration.

I thought it was well-organized. Packet pick up at Sun & Ski with all the necessary info. "free" T-shirt. Rider #'s have the food and beer (2ea) tickets attached.

The stops were well stocked. I think there were 4 or 5 in all, 13-18 miles apart. All were well stocked with Powerbars, bananas, orange wedges, jugs of water, jugs of Gatorade, granola bars, cookies, etc. All stops had porta-cans and/or restrooms, and plenty of room to lay down bikes. We found later that the stops also had Powergel and Gu earlier in the day, but we were too slow for those. ;-)
All the stops also had a shop tent for repairs, etc. I never saw any support vans on the road, but was told they were available.

As for the route, it's fairly flat until you get close to Shiner. Maybe the last 15 miles or so? Just rolling hills, nothing like the hill country. Some portion of the roads were a bit rough, so we took to riding in the "ruts" until we heard car back.

At the brewery in Shiner, they have shower tents and rows of porta-cans. You drop off your bag at the start at Katy Mills and they truck it to Shiner. The bags were laying out behind the brewery for pick up.

Was a bit disappointed in the food portion. A 6" Subway sandwich that was a bit soggy when we got it. Again, we were a bit slow since we had MTB's. They have unlimited kegs of Shiner waiting, so that's a big plus!! You get two beer tickets, but my wife doesn't drink beer so BONUS! There was a band playing and plenty of grass to lay on. There were also local vendors selling other food, so bring cash.

The bikes are placed in 18 wheelers for the ride back to your starting point (Hou, Aus, San.). They packed them fairly nicely, with those moving blankets inbetween.

Sorry for the longwinded response. Hope it was what you were looking for.

We're hoping to do it again this year now that we have road bikes. However we are supposed to close on our house on the 8th, so we might be cash-poor by then.
May 17 this year....KEN2
Apr 16, 2003 7:44 AM
I feel a healthy thirst comming up. nm52-16SS
Apr 16, 2003 10:45 AM