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How to judge Wheelsets? ACLASS? Velomax?(2 posts)

How to judge Wheelsets? ACLASS? Velomax?Texican
Apr 15, 2003 4:24 PM
I'm looking to upgrade my the wheelset on my bike. What qualities differentiate wheelsets in relationship to total weight, staying true, and rotational inertia? What factors affect ride quality? I'm sure aero profiles help, but I just don't know if my average speed would capitalize upon the advantages. I'm only riding 40mi. long rides, but expect to increase this long ride distance up to about 80mi. by late summer. My riding is exclusively on flat coastal plains.

I noticed the ACLASS AL600, and AL4430 and Velomax AscentII and Orion wheelsets all appear to be lightweight less expensive alternatives to Ksyrium Elites, SSL and Bontrager Race Lites. Any feedback on these or comparable wheelsets?

Thanks for the input.
Too may factors...Where to start???biknben
Apr 16, 2003 4:41 AM
I'd recommend you decide what you want to do with the wheel then start narrowing down the choices. If you're on flat coastal plains, weight should be less of a concern. Lower weight is most noticable while climbing or during quick accelerations. If you're not doing those things you will see little benefit and spend a lot of money.

I'd look to get an aero rim with a lower spoke count. The number of spokes and the type of lacing will be the biggest factor in ride quality. The difference between 3X and radial lacing is noticable. The rim construction will make some difference but it is smaller. Keep in mind that tire choice can dramatically change ride quailty.

IMO: The Am Classic wheels are very competatively priced. They are really lightwight and offer custom spoke counts. Their durabilty may me suspect over the long run.

This rule holds true with wheels: Lightweight, durable, and inexpensive...Choose ONLY two of the three.