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My road bike is the ULTIMATE "Dirt Weapon"!...(4 posts)

My road bike is the ULTIMATE "Dirt Weapon"!...asphalt assault
Apr 15, 2003 4:29 AM
I'm primaraly into off-road riding. I built a nice roadie last winter...Mongoose Pro Ti frame, full Ultegra, Carbon fork & post...really sweet. I'v been training since the beginning of March on my new toy and it's really paid off.

Yesterday I was riding dirt with a close friend who has been smoking me for the last four years. I could NEVER keep up with this guy no matter how hard I tried and it's always driven me nuts. Things went a little different yesterday then they had gone in the past... not only was I constantly on his tail but I managed to drop him...not once, but three times! Each time he would cuss...and I would chuckle. One time I got past him was on a particularly nasty rooty uphill section where I'd always dropped into my granny. Yesterday I climbed that section in the middle ring and I was to the top in no time at all. I found myself spinning in taller gears all day long and the bottom line is that I was having more fun!

I guess I should add that I'v been having a blast riding the road as well. I do a lot of my road riding through the subdivisions near my home. The streets are a maze of twisty, hilly asphalt that demand lots of braking and accleration and I figure this is great training for the varied singletrack dirt conditions that I normally ride. Folks seeing me ride through their neighborhood probably think I'm a man posessed or something, BIG grin...riding like a madman!

My friend and I were loading our MTBs into my truck after our ride yesterday. He's a competitive guy and it was obvious that he was pissed as he!! that I kicked his arse that day, I on the other hand was ecstatic! On the drive home he was muttering that he's going to have to build a road bike one of these days...I think there might be a new trend around here with the local mountain bikers!

Life is good:)
Good work! Now if you want more improvement, ride fixed.dzrider
Apr 15, 2003 5:01 AM
No idling, faster spinning down hill, maintaining momentum going over small hills and an expanded understanding of what you can climb in a medium gear.
watch your downhill skills improvecyclopathic
Apr 15, 2003 8:39 AM
when you start clocking 50-60mph on fast roads
Couldn't agree more...Tony Montana
Apr 15, 2003 12:28 PM
I spent all of last season riding my cross bike off road. Man was I impressed with how much you can do on a road bike! It really refreshed my technical skills (years of full suspension riding can make a person a bit lazy).

I'll try to attach a photo of my ride.