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Synvisc... one year later... (longish)(1 post)

Synvisc... one year later... (longish)Akirasho
Apr 14, 2003 12:19 PM
... I thought I'd drop a quick line.

About a year ago, I underwent a series of three injections (one week apart) of Synvisc for treatment of degenerative arthritis in my right knee. According to my Ortho Doc, I had less than 1/8" cartilage left throughout the joint (with bone on bone in two areas)... and was experiencing significant pain during activities of daily living (as well as cycling) along with a very limited range of motion.

At the time, my options were:

a. do nothing.
b. surgically clean out the joint and smooth out rough areas.
c. surgically replace the joint (not a viable option given my relatively young age).
d. Synvisc.

My Doc weighted surgery (option b.) and Synvisc on equal footing (on all but initial recovery from said surgery) so I opted for the less invasive!

I noticed improvement through the joint almost immediately, though I was told that it might take several weeks for the changes to manifest themselves. Indeed, by the end of the injection series... there was a slight improvement in range of motion... less noise while moving the joint... and most importantly, less pain.

Over the next few months, there was little to report... or so I thought... in actuallity, the joint had improved so much, that I'd forgotten how miserable I'd been! The only negative is a still somewhat limited range of motion.

While it's not for everyone, and it's only a stopgap (I was told that the effects could last for up to 18 months before another series of injections might be appropriate) for this disease... it's worked for me (downside... unless you've got insurance (thankfully, I do), the cost was $400 USD per injection (Doc only charged $30 total to administer) and had to be pre approved before I could get them).

Be the bike.