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? about rain gear(4 posts)

? about rain gearThe Human G-Nome
Apr 13, 2003 9:25 PM
i ride in the Bay Area where folks don't often like to go out riding in the rain and will reserve themselves to spin class even though it's +50 outside. unlike the east coast, every group/club ride comes with the caveat: "rain cancels". anyway, on saturday i braved the rain for a few hours and i was literally the ONLY cyclist i saw on both the Golden Gate Bridge and out in the Marin Headlands. the problem was, after awhile my hands and feet started to really stiffen up from the wet and cold and it started to feel dangerous braking on the desent.

does anyone have experience with water proof gloves and socks of the sort i recently saw advertised on do they work well? are they really breathable? thanks.
re: ? about rain geargtscottie
Apr 14, 2003 7:21 AM
I tried some water proof socks that I bought at my LBS. I can't remember the brand right now but they certainly weren't breathable. I found what works best for me are boots that go over your shoes. One of the problems I found with the socks were that your shoes still got wet and when it stopped raining you could change back into comfy socks but your feet got wet from your shoes. And it took awhile to dry out the shoes.
Water proof?dzrider
Apr 14, 2003 10:21 AM
In my experience, if I ride in the rain long enough I get wet. No efforts to "shrink-wrap" myself have worked to keep me dry. I have the best luck using a wool under layer and a windproof outer layer. Wool provides some warmth when wet and the windproof layer helps keep that cold air off your wet body.

I don't mind wool next to my skin, you may find the itch intolerable. If you can tolerate it Salvation Army has some great buys on wool sweaters. I get them tight enough to fit under a Nalini Sinchi jacket. Smart-wool sox or army surplus sox work well with a gore-tex bootie over them. Similarly, Army surplus wool glove liners under gore-tex windstopper gloves work on my hands.
gore-tex oversocksPeterRider
Apr 14, 2003 5:58 PM
I used them already twice in the rain, including last saturday on a 250 miles ride. They are a bit expensive, but good. I use them over coolmax socks, and bought both socks and oversocks from sierra trading post (,11750,24406,27254,27277,27505,39025,42032,42081,42302,42304,42318,42328,42352,42377,42510,42568,42597,42600,42628,/header_title./

One advantage over booties is that you can use them not only for cycling, but also hiking, or if you want to wear sandals in the winter...

Like all gore-tex equipment, they are the state of the art in terms of waterproof/breathable.