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Thinking ordering Wide shoes online..Need Advice on 2 sizes(2 posts)

Thinking ordering Wide shoes online..Need Advice on 2 sizesBaadDawg
Apr 13, 2003 7:15 PM
I have tried on whatever is available in Ottawa Canada and nothing fits my 11 EEE foot.

The closest was a Sidi Dominator 4 Mega BUT while the boot was fine the sole seemed to be the same width as the regular shoe and my foot hung over the side of the sole and I could feel it digging in on the outside of my foot when I applied weight.

I am now thinking of mail ordering to a friend in the US some Lake CX220 Xtreme. They are the same shoe as the CX220 but wide. Cannot try them here since no one has them. I did try size 45 and 46 of the model down the CX160. This was the regular model not the wide version (there is no wide version of the 160).

The 46 fit ok, about an inch of room in the toe and slight heel lift (using thin socks). The 45 had about a half inch at the end of the toe, less heel lift BUT the seams running across the top of the shoe in the toe area where the mesh meets the leather toe cap really bothered me in the 45.

So I do not know what to order in the wide version. The 46 which was ok in the standard width (a bit tight hence need for wide) a bit of heel lift. Will it be too big in the wide version?

Will the 45 wide with the half inch of room at the end and the seam that bothers, be better in a wide? Will the seam that bothered me in the standard width be less worrysome in the wider shoe?

Lake makes a 45.5 which would be perfect but Nashbar where I want to place the order along with pedals does not carry half sizes.

I am a bit concerned that the 46 wide might have too much room at the end (1" in regular width)and excessive heel lift compared to the 45 wide.

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.
re: Thinking ordering Wide shoes online..Need Advice on 2 sizesSpunout
Apr 14, 2003 3:35 AM
No advice, sorry.

I wear an 11.5 EEE, yet fit fine in a Sidi Genius(regular width) in size 46.

Keep looking! I know shoe shopping in Ottawa is hit-and-miss, trying to find your size to try on, then ordering online(unfortunately) to beat price and availability.