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A question about Fizik Aliente.(6 posts)

A question about Fizik Aliente.ol
Apr 13, 2003 5:47 PM
Is this particular seat fairly wide? The reason I am asking is because I don't like wide saddles like flite, which cause me to chaffe. The critical area seems to be the middle part of the saddle, the flite seems to flare out to much and as a result cause discomfort when riding. I am after a really comfortable saddle which is not too wide.
Feedback welcome.
re: A question about Fizik Aliente.purplepaul
Apr 13, 2003 6:33 PM
I would not at all describe it as wide. Doesn't their web site list its dimensions? Then you could compare it against what you have.
Just curious...Matno
Apr 14, 2003 2:53 AM
You wouldn't happen to be referring to a Flite Max would you? That's the slightly wider version of the classic Flite, which is quite narrow. I have a hard time imagining anything narrower than a flight being very comfortable (at least the ones I've ridden weren't). I do have a Koobi Xenon which is noticeably wider than my Flite, and the "flare" you describe is not comfortable in some situations. The Flite is considerably narrower in this area.

As for the Aliante, I can't afford to try it, but other Fizik's I've ridden have been okay. They actually seemed narrower through the middle but then had a sharper flare angle, if that makes sense.
According to Colorado Cyclist catalogRay Sachs
Apr 14, 2003 4:01 AM
the Aliante is within a couple of mm of the same width as the flite. The flite, btw, is NOT a wide saddle - these things are all in the 135-140 mm range. The only ones I've seen that are narrower are the Aspides in the mid 120s.

But I don't think width is as important as shape in determining what will be comfortable for a given butt. I personally can't stand the Flite, but am OK with a number of other saddles that are similarly narrow and others that are significantly wider. The Aliante looks like a fairly different shape than the flite, so it may be very comfortable for you. Or not.

re: A question about Fizik Aliente.wielerpret
Apr 14, 2003 4:56 AM
The Aliante is certainly not wide; I think it is one of the slimmer models, topped only by a Sella Italia SLR and the likes.
The Fizik Poggio model e.g. is wider. At '' you can find more info. In the pro-peloton Jaan Kirsipu has a Poggio and the rest of the AG2R team also use Fizik. Danilo Di Luca (and the Saeco's?) rides a Pave. Not wide at all and much cheaper than Aliante.
re: A question about Fizik Aliente.texbaz
Apr 14, 2003 8:51 AM
Ive rode the ALiante TI railed version for about 8-9 months maybe more, but for me it's still better than the Selle Itallia Gel Flite. The only problem I had with the Aliante was how the saddle came in contact with the back of my thigh, I finally dialed in my postion and things are very good. Somethings are just not predicable when it comes to saddles, best just to find one, buy it, and ride it.