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Help w/ Surly!!! JSHaiku???(4 posts)

Help w/ Surly!!! JSHaiku???CaliforniaDreaming
Apr 12, 2003 7:53 PM
I need to build up a bike for a buddy. My EP from my bike shop won't let me purchase a complete bike for someone other than myself, but I can puchase frames to build up. I'm thinking about building up a Surly Pacer with 105 and some Shimano 540s. Do you have any thoughts or experience with the Pacer frame? I don't think weight should be an issue as we're located on the Texas gulf coast, not a hill in sight. I'd probably go to a carbon for to lighten up the ride though. Any suggestions or recommendations?

Thanks in Advance...
it's a rare eventJS Haiku Shop
Apr 13, 2003 12:22 AM
that i'm in the office at 4 AM on a Sunday, but my loss is your, well, response. :)

no experience with the pacer, but i'd not hesitate to buy another surly. i do have a steamroller *and* a cross-check, and both have taken some abuse, and i'm happy and would do it all over again. IMHO they're well-made and way affordable, if "heavy" and no-thrills.

good luck!

while we're talking about your surly...Frith
Apr 13, 2003 8:40 AM
Would you lock your ultegra-cross check up outside in a busy area for say 2-3 hours? I'm really considering getting one of those as a commuter/everything else bike but I'm not sure about the idea of locking up an ultegra laiden bike no matter how inexpensive and "unflash" the frame is....thoughts?

p.s. my apologies to Cali-dreaming for hijacking this post.
wouldn't do it. nmJS Haiku Shop
Apr 14, 2003 5:29 AM