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Campy Proton or Ksyrium Elite(5 posts)

Campy Proton or Ksyrium EliteWalter
Apr 12, 2003 5:28 PM
Have decided that as a reward/incentive for dropping 20# more (down 17 so far) I'll treat myself to a new wheelset. Will probably buy from Total Cycling. Weights are comparable, exactly the same for the rear and the Campy front is about 50g lighter. Similar $ with the Mavics being more but within the budget. The major concern is that after the weight reduction I'll be svelte for me but not really a lightweight. I've been told Ksyriums are exceptionally tough but have no personal experience.

Those 2 push the budget as far as I can justify. If you know of similarly priced options please do tell but I won't spend more, unless they have some anti-gravity deal attached to them.

re: Both Nice.....teoteoteo
Apr 12, 2003 5:48 PM
I have owned the Protons (2 pairs) and sell lots of elites at work (LBS Employee) . I believe they both have strong points. I am a small guy (140-150 depending on season) so I don't stress things too much. Protons go uphill well and have a clean traditional spoked look along with a minimal profile in crosswinds. The Elites are more aero from a front profile standpoint.

My only beef with the Protons has been the inability to run certain tires--both sets I've owned have caused me to have super tight fits with certain brands of tires. I personally have good success with Vredesteins. Being a shop monkey I've always been able to cope but have had consumers that aren't real mechanically savvy give up on the wheels in frustration.

As for durability I never needed to true the 1st set and the 2nd is to new with ony 3-4 rides. The 1st set did survive a few rough dirt road epics unscathed.

As for service I'd say that the Mavic would be easier to get serviced as they are more common and accepted....
re: Both Nice.....dave_w
Apr 12, 2003 5:57 PM
I can agree on the tight fit of Protons. I have never needed 2 tire levers to get a tire off before and it would not be possible for me without 2 levers. I tried Mich Axial Pros, Conti (supersonics) and finally settled on a set of Hutchinson Carbon Comps, still very tight, but the best of the 3 brands I had at home. I'll remember Vredestein when I need my next set.
No personal experience with Ksyriums, but the Elites seem like a decent value. High up on the "value" meter right now also seems to be the Velomax wheelsets, the Circuits or Orions should probably be in the decision-making mix too. Good luck and congrats on the weight loss!
Don't leave Dave out of the considerations..coonass
Apr 12, 2003 6:21 PM
Dave's Speed Dream Aero wheels... They're lighter than the Ksyriums and only about $525...
I have the Elite'sLigon
Apr 13, 2003 11:31 AM
I am on my second set of the Kyriums and absolutley love them. As far as bang for the buck it does not get any better. The wheels are super stiff and I have had absolutley no problems with the first or the second set. The only reason I sold the first was because I sold the bike they were on. I have no experience with the Campy but I am sure they are fine wheels too.

Hope this helps ]