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Will Shimano cables damage Campy Record shifters?(11 posts)

Will Shimano cables damage Campy Record shifters?Chainstay
Apr 12, 2003 12:47 PM
My buddy was told by someone at a LBS that his Record 10 shifters have been worn where the misfit Shimano Cable has been installed. The result is sloppy shifting and the cure is to replace the levers and put in the correct Campy cables. Any comments? Does this sound right or is it BS?
re: Will Shimano cables damage Campy Record shifters?Live Steam
Apr 12, 2003 2:43 PM
I doubt it would ruin them, but I can't figure out how they got them to work. The lead cable end on the Shimano cable is larger than the hole it needs to seat in on the Campy lever. Maybe they modified the cable end somehow to get it to fit. I can't see how this would make the shifter wear in any way. This does not sound right, as per your question.
Yes!! They'll spontaneously combust...(nm)Mariowannabe
Apr 12, 2003 3:13 PM
Apr 12, 2003 5:28 PM
The head on Shimano cables is just a little bigger. It's possible to force the head into a Campy lever, but you'll have big trouble getting them out. I guess you could use sandpaper to make the Shimano ones smaller, but be careful. Most shops don't stock the campy cables, so plan ahead.
the bs is how much they cost and you can only get the whole set!the bull
Apr 12, 2003 6:24 PM
Like brakes and shifters with all cables!As far as I know you have to get the whole set!I got one is a drawer stashed away in case!
Actually sells the individual cables. nmJuanmoretime
Apr 13, 2003 3:32 AM
Do you know if they sell just the housing seprately.btwthe bull
Apr 13, 2003 3:43 AM
Is your first name John?Just wondering.
Do you know if they sell just the housing seprately.btwJuanmoretime
Apr 13, 2003 4:11 AM
Yes, my first name is John. I'm looking at Excels catalog right now. They sell the brake housing seperate, derailleur cables seperate and the brake cables too. It doesn't have a listing for the derailleur cables listed specifically for Campy. They do have a listing for just derailleur housing and doesn't mention if it's Campy or Shimano specific. You can go to their website and look at a PDF catalog, pages 76 and 77 are what you want to look at. I guess derailleur cable housing might be the same for both Shimano and Campy? I don't know where you have been getting your cablesets from but wisecyclebuys = $26.95 shipping included.
yes!the bull
Apr 13, 2003 5:14 PM
Wisecyclebuys is the bomb william rocks!!!
He will hook you up.
That's where all my Campy components came from......Juanmoretime
Apr 14, 2003 1:28 AM
including my Eurus wheels.
I was talking with William on Saturday..the bull
Apr 14, 2003 3:44 AM
He asked me about my fork I knew he must have talked with you(thats why I asked if you name was John).He was fishing on a boat.He answers the phone all the time.He is pretty dedicated to giving us good service!I would only buy from him and plus he price matches with the no shipping-very good!