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TCR Composite Impressions Day 2(3 posts)

TCR Composite Impressions Day 2BaadDawg
Apr 11, 2003 5:00 PM
The LBS made a mess of the wireless FliteDeck computer programming so I reset everything and did it myself.

I was cursing the LBS (they had the front gear as 38 not 39 and the odometer set to 2,000 KMS) but in fact my programming it allowed me to learn how this terribly documented contraption works. I had to set the AC (All clear) button at least 20 times before I got it right, but now everything is set properly and I am comfortable using it on the bike.

You have to understand that mode 1 gives you some readings and mode 2 gives you others and that there are some things you need to switch modes to get the information you want. Sure wish the clock had a 12 hour option instead of 24 hour only. Well if I ever use the bike for a combat mission the 24 hours time will come in handy.

Day 2 another 50 kms and it felt better than yesterday, mostly because I'm getting used to it (and the computer).

My butt is getting a sore that was starting from over training on a trainer before I got the bike, but I'm gonna try to ride through it as long as the weather here in Ottawa holds. The saddle is a Selle Max Trans Am and the trans am definitely does away with numb nuts. Not sure if its a bit too wide (I do have a big ass) but the little bit of extra padding compared to the flite is appreciated.

Happy camper. I am positng a seperate topic about my front brake.
got mine out on the road today.Frith
Apr 13, 2003 1:24 PM
first of all beautiful day here in TO. I spent yesterday on the trainer dialing in my position. I ended up with a 110 stem flipped for max rise. I still have 3cm of spacers too which I'll keep there until I start getting stronger in the neck back and shoulders. Overall I only have a 4cm of drop from seat to bars. My intitial impression today is probably not surprising to you....THIS THING IS FAST. It just feels like it's working with you not against you. It's going to take me a while to get used to cornering. I've read the cornering is great but this being my first road bike I was a little I'll have to get back to you on that.
The saddle wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I've still got "spring ass" so until I get used to the saddle again I'll reserve my opinion. It was surprisingly comfy for this early in the season. The carbon did a great job of sucking up the road jitter (as expected). That's all for now...I'll be back out again tomorrow. So keep me posted on your thoughts and I'll do the same.
got mine out on the road today.BaadDawg
Apr 13, 2003 6:53 PM
Had my 3rd ride today. It was about +6C and 20 k winds (cold).

Was going to do just an hour to stay loose, ended up doing 2 without stopping once except for traffic (Sundays are great so much less traffic).

Finally starting to get to know this bike although it keeps surprising me. On the saddle side my ass is still sore with the max flite trans am and I got numb nuts today so I'm going to try another saddle, probaly a Flite trans Am Gel Flow. There is always my old Brooks pro as a fall back but its heavier. Not at that stage yet.

Getting comfortable with the flitedeck is nice. Very nice seeing your gearing combo always on display. Never need to look down to check. It becomes a habit checking by looking down and with no need to its alot better (and safer).

I did a ride today I have done hundreds of times on my 30 year old campy steely so I was really comparing apples to apples today.

The 1st thing that struck me was how smooth and absorbent the ride was. But its things like moderate uphills over overpasses where I am now noticing major differences. There are quite a few on the ride I took today and combined with the wind I would always struggle and get out of my groove when going up them. With this new bike these rises are so much easier, almost like the wind is at your back when in fact it's not. It also means because I don't have to struggle as much, my rhythm is much better resulting in longer time on the saddle.

Short rides become longer because I don't want to stop (even at +6C)

And standing up is totally different. When I get out of the saddle the power transmission is pretty amazing. I can go longer and in bigger gears out of the saddle with much less fatigue.

So far each ride has been more pleasant than the last as I get used to the bike.