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Giant Carbon stem rise???(3 posts)

Giant Carbon stem rise???rob99
Apr 11, 2003 10:28 AM
I recently purchased a Giant TCR and am still monkeying around with finding the right stem length. Turns out Giant only made 4 sizes. What's up with that? You would think since they got away with only making 4 frame sizes that they would have made a bunch of stems to accomadate everyone. Oh well. None of Giants stems fit me. Does anybody know what the rise is on these factory stems??

Thanks in advance,
re: Giant Carbon stem rise???Giant Joe
Apr 11, 2003 3:38 PM
I would say about A angle of 80 degree(matched against my ITM mill), 10 degrees rise or drop),check with Giant or Bikeshop to findout for sure.What are you looking for more or less in the reach and bar ,height?
Titec makes A staight 90 degree stem or Ritchey WCS has A drop or rise of only 4 degree,just to name A few different choices.
The bike shop were you bought from should be able to help you out,If they're worth A shiz.
re: Giant Carbon stem rise???BaadDawg
Apr 11, 2003 4:44 PM
Giant says in their web page that they only offer 3 or 4 stems because of the many aftermarket stems available. If you want to play with rise or length and cannot find a TCR stem to your liking, your LBS should be able to substitute another brand of stem for no extra charge. Plus the stems are reversible which makes the rise different depending on which way you have the stem set up.

Although I ended up with a Giant short stem in max rise, I would not have minded a different stem if it got me int he best riding position.