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TCR1 Composite Has Arrived and Has Been RIdden(11 posts)

TCR1 Composite Has Arrived and Has Been RIddenBaadDawg
Apr 10, 2003 6:37 PM
I got it later in the day today and went for about a 50km ride. As some of you know my old bike is just that...old. 30 year old steely (no other material was even made then lol) Campy Neuvo record.

My old campy record hub (front) and Maxic MA40 rim wheel set is lighter than the Mavic Cosmos that comes with the TCR. I was surprised at that.

I never test rode the bike before buying it. I went to a place that does custom frames in steel and he was really pusing me to his more relaxed geometry frames, but I ended up with the TCR1 Composite. Seems to fit me well but 1 ride is hard to tell.


Biggest difference from my old ride is the new ride feels like a full suspension mountain bike compared to old steely. Cracks, bumps, the odd hole, short sharp dips, they just melt away. I bought carbon fibre because of its absorption qualities, but it is better in that regard than I ever expected.

All the Ultregra stuff works perfectly and very easy to get used to compared to down tube friction.

The FliteDeck is another matter. The 1st half of the ride I didn't even have the trip odometer working because I couldn't figure it out. It's nice to have the mode shifting buttons on the hoods but the manual doesnt seem to explain a goddamn thing about how to toggle to diferent modes. I'll get used to it but the interface is disappointing.

Seeing what gear you are in is realy nice. That's always there regardless of how you mess up the modes.

Coming from a wired cadence bike I find the cadence readout seems lower than my other computer. I will check what wheel sizes were entered into (the speed readings seemed ok although on a new bike its hard to compare). You can't have the cadence showing and the trip distance or the clock at the same time I don't think. You have to toggle through a bunch of different menus to get one then the other. In speed mode on the other hand you can see trip distance and time of day.

For now I'll pay less attention to cadence while I get used to things.

Climbed a big hill near my house (its short but quite steep) and the bike seemed really good. I would have preferred a triple just in case I ever needed it but its not available or recommemended for the TCR's.

I swaped out the seat (Selle flite trans am) for a max flite trans am but am not sold that this is the seat I want. I have been riding alot on the trainer lately and might have developed a sore spot already, but the max trans am seemed to hurt a bit in the same area.

The trans am seemed to numb nuts. My Brooks Pro always will give them to me after and hour or more. Will try some gel seats or even other brands.

The store recommended using Pedro's Ice Wax as a lubricant. They wiped off the factory gunk that comes on the chain and then applied the Ice Wax. The owner says to apply it after each ride. He also says you don't have to degrease or even clean the chain very much if you use the Ice Wax regularly. Its expensive but if it means no degreaser its worth a try.

Will report back after more riding.
Can you post a pic? nmsuperdog
Apr 10, 2003 8:37 PM
Pic here!Live Steam
Apr 11, 2003 7:27 PM
I love my ride. I wish the weather would cooperate though. Snow, rain and ugly weather here in NYC for the past two weeks.
Congratulations and have a good weekend (nm)IAM
Apr 11, 2003 3:22 AM
Baby Dont She Purrrrrrrr!Bananaman
Apr 11, 2003 4:47 AM
Congratulations on your new purchase. I know you wont be at all disappointed when you put the Giant through its paces because I have one too. Swapped the Cosmos wheels for Ksyriums because I think they are a lot stiffer and robust.
I pick mine up todayFrith
Apr 11, 2003 4:58 AM
Very odd indeed. If I ever see a mirror image of myself riding a trc1 I'll know it's you.
I pick mine up todayBaadDawg
Apr 11, 2003 6:20 AM
No digi cam so no quick pics.

Frith let me know what you think.

On bicycle magazine forum some people are saying ice wax is no good. My lbs owner loves it as long as you apply it every ride. I'll stick with it for now, unless there are convincing reasons not to.
convincing reasons not to...Matno
Apr 12, 2003 6:09 AM
"as long as you apply it every ride..." I think you answered your own question. What a pain in the rear to apply it EVERY time you ride! Once a week would really be pushing it for me even if I rode twice a day!
Biggest rreason NOT to use Ice wax.look271
Apr 12, 2003 12:23 PM
Pro-link. Buy it. Use it. You won't use anything else but. Don't need a degreaser, either.
Now I really want one.jw25
Apr 11, 2003 9:25 AM
Another club member has one set up for triathlons, and it's gorgeous. We're too far apart size-wise to trade, or else I'd put a few miles on it.
The MA-40's a classic for a reason. I built some training wheels with Tiagra hubs and 32 14g spokes, and they're still light and fast. The thin rim profile keeps them a little more resilient, too, so they're comfy. The Cosmos, on the other hand, aren't anything special. Use them as trainers or sell them somewhere, and use the profits for a new saddle, I'd say.
I haven't tried a Flite Deck, but the virtual cadence idea seems weak. It doesn't take into account hills, coasting, winds, whatever, it just divides your speed by the gear-inches your in, and that's your cadence. I prefer a sensor and magnet on the crank, even if it's more wires.
I tried Ice Wax when it first came out, and was underwhelmed. Hopefully they've changed the formulation since then. The wax lubes do mean less chain cleaning, though. On road, where there's less mud and grit, I'll go months without more than wiping the chain off with a rag. If it works for you, great. I'd apply it after every ride, though, so it has time to set up before the next outing.
I think you'll be okay without a triple, unless you've got long hills. You can get a 12-27 cassette, and that's a low gear - I ride 12-25 in Central PA, and rarely use the 25. Standard 53-39 front rings.
It's a really nice bike, though. Congratulations.
Flight DeckMatno
Apr 12, 2003 6:19 AM
I haven't tried a Flite Deck, but the virtual cadence idea seems weak. It doesn't take into account hills, coasting, winds, whatever, it just divides your speed by the gear-inches your in, and that's your cadence.

Actually, the virtual cadence seems better to me. I just mounted a Flight Deck, but haven't had a chance to use it. I used a Cateye Micro with cadence for the last 8 years, and it worked fine. You mentioned that it doesn't take into account hills, coasting, etc. but when you're actually riding the bike, you're either pedalling or not. I always know without looking that when I'm coasting, my cadence is zero. I can't imagine a single situation in which I would pedal slower than the "virtual" cadence tells me I'm pedaling. That would just be wasted energy - equivalent to pedaling backwards. It's not like there's an average cadence function that's going to get messed up. All you know is your current cadence anyway. Personally, I like the idea of virtual cadence because if I do coast down a long hill, when I get to the bottom, I'll know in advance whether or not I need to shift to pick up my cadence where I left off...

Just me rambling...

Oh, and Baad Dawg, that is one BEAUTIFUL looking bike. Someday when I'm rich, I'll get a carbon fiber bike...