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Touch up paint help(3 posts)

Touch up paint helpBearE2
Apr 10, 2003 10:40 AM
I need to apply some touch up paint to my 2002 FUJI Team. I had FUJI send me the touch up paint but I wanted to know if there is any special way to apply the touch up paint besides making sure the area is clean and dry and just slowing applying the paint.
One method (way too fussy for me)cory
Apr 10, 2003 2:13 PM
If you have a chip or scratch with some depth, the best way I've found to get an invisible repair is to fill the gouge with paint, but don't let it slop over the sides. It may take several applications. When it's filled flush or slightly higher than the surrounding area, use very fine sandpaper (220 grit, then 400) or rubbing and polishing compound to take it down until it's level, then wax over it.
Personally, I just gob it on to prevent rust.
re: Touch up paint helpMr Wolfe
Apr 11, 2003 7:45 AM
You definately want to becareful and use steady hands. My recommendation is to chuck the paint brush that came with the paint (if any) and to use the feathered end of a match from cardboard match book. Lightly dab it on as you go. It's going to take several applications, but it will not look like you just painted it on.


Mr Wolfe