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27 inch tires - Vittoria or IRC?(3 posts)

27 inch tires - Vittoria or IRC?Jim T
Apr 9, 2003 1:43 PM
I'm riding an old Cannondale road bike with 27 inch wheels (until I can scrape up the funding for a new bike). I'm looking for decent training tires, which is something of a challenge since the selection of 27 inch tires is limited.

LBS has Vittoria Phoenix and IRC Duro Road Winners. Salesman recommended Vittorias, but they're 110 grams heavier per tire than the IRCs. Should I care if I'm just doing general road riding? Any opinions one way or the other or any other suggestions?

Buy the IRC's.look271
Apr 9, 2003 2:31 PM
I have a pair on my fixie and they are absolutely great. They ride well and to date I haven't had a puncture. (Notice I didn't say the f-word!). They also have good traction in the rain. Durability-wise, I have over 1k miles on them and the rear shows very little wear. IRC isn't a big name in road tires, but these work fine.
Glad to hear that ...Humma Hah
Apr 9, 2003 3:50 PM
... I just got the new tire for the Paramount's 27" front wheel. I wanted blackwalls, and there's not much selection. What I could get in that size from my Performance shop was IRC's. Should get to try them out this weekend.

I just bought a pair of gumwall 27" tires for my boss's old Cannondale roadbike, which are Panaracer Pasela 27 x 1 1/8 26-630 economy tires. They should keep the rims off the aspalt, and I have no particular ambitions for them to be high-performance. They're 280 grams.