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Experience with Fedex claims?(8 posts)

Experience with Fedex claims?kermit
Apr 9, 2003 12:35 PM
Hey all,

I shipped my bike via Fedex Ground. After losing and eventually finding it, they delivered it three weeks late with a LARGE dent in the top tube, broken derailleur and bent hanger, and they somehow managed to bend the fork as well! Fortunately I had the bike insured.

Has anyone here ever gone through the claims procedure with Fedex? Any good/bad reports? I'm just wondering what to expect.

Thanks for your time!
No experience, butirregardless
Apr 9, 2003 12:45 PM
My LBS prefers UPS over Fedex because they say the Fedex guys are in such a hurry that they handle the bike boxes roughly, practically throwing them off the truck. When I told them that I would have thought it was the other way around, that a private firm would treat the goods with more care, a group of the sales guys laughed out loud and unanimously told me to NEVER ship a bike by Fedex.
UPS better than FedEx?!?!?!?Ahimsa
Apr 9, 2003 4:08 PM

F*ck them both!

I just recently had a fork shipped UPS that came in looking as if they ran the truck over the box and then beat it with a bat for good measure. It could not have looked worse had they shat on the box and rubbed it in.

As for FedEx, they shipped parts to me a while back that never arrived. I called, and they said they were delivered, and gave me an address I had never heard of. After an argument that required them to transfer my call three times, they said they would ship it out to the proper address in a few days. No show again. I call back, and they say that they don't know where the package is but they will find it and call me. Three days go by with no call. I call them. They tell me the parts had been delivered a week ago, and that they have no idea what happened.

Turns out that they did in fact deliver the parts to the correct address, but decided to leave the package on my porch in broad daylight. I live in the city, and you DO NOT leave a package on the frigging porch. You leave a note to come get the package.

So it had been stolen.

How did I learn all this? Well, not from FedEx, that's for sure. A neighbor came by one night with an opened FedEx box he claimed to have found in the alley with my address.

Strangely, the thief had no taste for bike parts, as they were all there in their ripped open boxes.

I say bollocks to both companies. God forbid I ship something irreplaceable.

Regretfully YesDan Q
Apr 9, 2003 2:22 PM
I regret to tell you that I had a FedEX claim and it wasn't pretty. They opened my bike box in transit and lost the shoes that were also in the box. The procedure took about 3 months and was repeatadly botched by many different people. I had multiple people tell me conflicting policies and procedures to follow and they usually didn't recieve any of my faxes until the 3rd or 4th time. On top of that they would usually lose about 2 of 3 of them after confirmation of its recipt. They originally denied my claim because I had followed the procedures they suggested to me in the beginning. After a great deal of complaining and strife I was granted the $180 they cost me.

My advise would be to keep a log of whom you talk to and what the time and date were, along with what you were told. This could be very important to know a a later time. Also, even though they will claim to keep you updated, NEVER wait for them to call you. If they say the paperwork will be processed in 7 days, call them in 5 and ask if it is done. A lot of time can be lost when you are waiting for paperwork to be "processed" so that you can proceed when it has really been lost allready.

I hope your experience is better than mine was. Best of luck!
Take lots of pictures with the box damage and bike damage. nmKristin
Apr 9, 2003 2:28 PM
re: Experience with Fedex claims?kestrelrider
Apr 9, 2003 3:22 PM
Dan Q's advice is solid. My claim ultimately worked out but it required plenty of time and attention. My damage sounds identical to yours. I would suggest you exhaustively document the claim via pictures and a very detailed description of the damage. Use more space than the Fed Ex claim form if necessary. I had to document the value of my bike versus the claim damage to prove the bike was a total loss. If this is the case for your bike, get your LBS to write up a repair order including the total value of the bike. Finally, Fed Ex does not assume you should be reimbursed your shipping charge. You must claim this. If you do not claim it up front, filing a supplemental claim is next to impossible. Take your time and get it right the first time. Good luck.
Apr 9, 2003 4:46 PM
I do not mean to sound like an a$$. I am just giving information based on my experience with "sending" many shipments from items I sell on eBay.

FedEx Ground - sucks (they bought RPS and just put thier name on the trucks)
FedEx Overnight - very expensive but much better

UPS Ground - very good but make sure to tape the entire outside of the box in packing tape and stuff the box with lots of filler. I have noticed that if you appear to care about a package more than the next person so will UPS. I just sent a MTB frame and fork halfway around the country and it showed up in perfect condition because...

I went to the local 99cent store and purchased 5 rolls of packing tape. I first stuffed the box with 2 copies of the Sunday NY Times (mine and a friend's) and then taped the entire outside of the box with packing tape. It took 2 hours but was worth it and then I took a few digital pictures when I dropped the package off at UPS so they could not later claim that it was not packed well.

You just have to outsmart the idiots behind the counter and driving the trucks!

One last note, to those that receive packages. Call UPS and get the name of your local driver and what time he/she is usually in your area. My local driver will try my brother's house (also on his route) if I am not home and he knows to keep the package on his truck until he finds me and NEVER just leaves it. Knowing your driver and giving him something at holiday time goes a long way to never having a "missing" package!
Re: getting to know the driverTWD
Apr 10, 2003 1:54 PM
Good point,

My opinion of UPS is much higher when I have gotten to know the driver. Most of them seem pretty willing to help you get your stuff.

The driver in my area now absolutely sucks. They left two bikes on the front porch (insured for over $4,000) and never even bothered to knock. My wife was home at the time, and I was tracking the shipment. I freaked out when I said "looks like our bikes got delevered" and she said "huh???.

Luckily they didn't get stolen, they just sat out in plain view all afternoon.

Not only that, the driver got in the habbit of thinking it was OK to leave our packages with any neighbor who happened to be home. Trouble is, we didn't know any of the neighbors at the time. Luckily they were nice and gave us our packages.

I've shipped bikes by FEDEX on several ocaisions without any major troubles. I'm meticulous about packing the bikes well though.