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Advice for a friend who wants a new bike......(3 posts)

Advice for a friend who wants a new bike......Bike Bum
Apr 9, 2003 11:06 AM
I have a friend who's been off on his bike for a few years now and is out there putting on the miles again.
He's going to do the upcoming West Coast Aids ride (SF to LA, 600 Miles over 5/6 days in June).
He's putting in 75/100 miles on Saturdays at this point in his training, He's riding an old 1988 Bridgestone T7000 w/Suntour components touring bike which he paid $800 in 1988.
Anyway He's thinking about getting a new bike and needs advice on what would be the best kind'a bike for this kinda riding in the range of $1,000 to $1,600. He's in his Early 40's and in good shape....
I'm kinda new to the road and thought he'd be better off getting advice from the more experienced.....

I'll link this thread to his computer, Thanks
re: Advice for a friend who wants a new bike......ClydeTri
Apr 9, 2003 11:21 AM
For that money he has lots of choices..and to be honest all of them good. Any name brand bike in that price range is quality. First thing to consider is FIT...tell him to go ride as many as he can, most likely pick the one in that range that fits the best, secondly, not knowing the terrain out there, but guessing, he probably would be served to have a bike with a triple chainring up front from your description of him and from where he is riding.
Real tough without more info, butMel Erickson
Apr 9, 2003 12:21 PM
If the type of ride you mention is typical of what your friend will do and given his price range I'd suggest starting with steel. I'm going to make some assumptions from what you told us about him. Early 40's in good shape I'm going to assume the typical american male, 5'9", 175#. Longer distance rides, no racing, weekend warrior type. I'd look for a bike with slightly long chainstays for more comfort. Laid back seat angle. Depending on his flexibility and position preferences, a square geometry (56cm top tube, 56cm seat tube). Double or triple chainring, depending on the terrain, his fitness and likes/dislikes for a triple. Shimano Ultegra should be doable in steel and his price range. Carbon fork. Mavic OP rims. 23 or 25 tires, depending on how much comfort he wants. That what you're looking for?