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This Ebay mockery thing's gotta stop...(2 posts)

This Ebay mockery thing's gotta stop...Qubeley
Apr 8, 2003 6:47 PM
No offense against anyone in particular.
But maybe we can leave Ebay where it belongs, and let sellers and buyers do their own things, how ever ridiculous may it be.
But why?filtersweep
Apr 9, 2003 5:23 AM
No offense against anyone in particular, but why is this such a problem? First of all, no one is actually making a "mockery" of ebay. Secondly, I'm half convinced that the efforts of people here have resulted in some of these auctions being shut down before someone was ripped off.

Consider this- the best way to buy or sell a used bike IS ebay. There is relatively little feedback available through the classifieds on this site, relatively little authentication or a seller (at least ebay requires a CC), and this site does not actually offer an auction.

Ebay, on the other hand, offers a much wider range of sizes, colors, builds, etc... and certainly has a broader market than if you sell a bike "locally" through a newspaper (as well as some peace of mind through feedback, etc...).

I have sold a bike through ebay- quite successfully. The auction "winner" who was something of an ebay addict was mildly remorseful because he had recently been stung when he received a box of junk on an previous bike auction (wrong brand, year, size, everything... just a junk bike advertised as something completely different- I'm shocked the "seller" even bothered to send anything). The winner actually wanted to drive 10 hours to pick the bike up in person (or maybe it was just a ploy to see how I would react- and it was fine with me).

Anyway, the bottom line is, if people get screwed on ebay on a regular basis, everyone will be relatively stuck with their current rides. Nobody will be able to "trade up." The entire bicycle industry will be crippled. Innovation will cease to exist. The shock wave will affect the entire economy and send the international markets into a deep recession (if not depression). Your retirement accounts will be worthless, and you will waste away when you are an octogenarian at the county poor farm.

That inevitability is why, my friend, it is essential that these bogus auctions be posted on this forum!