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Paging Becky, Lonefrontranger, etc. (re: new bike for GF)(10 posts)

Paging Becky, Lonefrontranger, etc. (re: new bike for GF)dante
Apr 8, 2003 6:36 PM
Well, after several test rides, and several more trips to various bike stores, we ended up getting a Jamis Ventura, 520 steel w/ a Kinesis carbon fork, Tiagra shifters/der., Tektro brakes, no-name cranks and Ritchey everything else (wheels, seatpost, stem, bars, pedalsetc).

We ended up getting it b/c my girlfriend really liked the ride, and definitely felt it rode smoother than the Cannondale. It's got a 650 front wheel, 700 back, no toe overlap, and pretty normal geometry. It also has an ergo-bar which is easier for reaching the shifters/brakes.

She has mtn bike pedals on it for now, have to figure out whether she wants an extra pair of pedals or an extra pair of shoes.

Anyway, thanks for all the advice and input!! We're still playing around with the bars/levers, but other than that it should be set up just about perfect.

re: Paging Becky, Lonefrontranger, etc. (re: new bike for GF)russw19
Apr 8, 2003 7:20 PM
Hey Dante, that's a nice looking bike. Hope she enjoys riding it! Have fun.

re: Paging Becky, Lonefrontranger, etc. (re: new bike for GF)Sadlebred
Apr 8, 2003 7:29 PM
That is a really sweet bike. The blue is SO pretty!
the blue looks even better in persondante
Apr 9, 2003 5:40 AM
will try to get a pic the next sunny day, truly is a beautiful finish.

re: Paging Becky, Lonefrontranger, etc. (re: new bike for GF)tmotz
Apr 8, 2003 7:32 PM
I bought one two months ago and love it.
I've put several hundred miles on mine with no problems.
I've got a 62cm. frame and supports my 230 lb. body fine.
why go with 650 front & 700 rear? nmreklar
Apr 9, 2003 12:30 AM
due to her diminutive sizedante
Apr 9, 2003 5:36 AM
(she's 5'1") she needed a pretty small frame (the Jamis is 47 c-t-t), and when the frames get really small the manufacturer can do one of two things:
1) deal with toe-overlap
2) end up with a longer top tube
3) get some wacky angles with the HA and STA
4) put smaller wheels on either the front only, or both front and back

We looked at a Lemond (45cm CtC)w/ 700cm but there was definite toe overlap, and the top tube felt too long and had less standover clearance.

Cannondale (and some others) make a dual 650cm wheel, which I think looks a little better, as it looks like a normal bike that's gone through the wash a couple times, but some bike companies are shying away from that idea b/c of two reasons, one it's a stiffer ride, the smaller wheels don't flex as much, and also it changes the gear ratio and many people have claimed that they're slower.

Terry makes a bike with a 700cm wheel in the back and a 24" wheel in the front, but that's just overkill and as some have said, dangerous.

The 700/650 wheelset seems to be a good compromise, and if she's riding with me I'll have a 700cm tube, so she'll just have to carry 650s.

For the geeks out there, here's the geometry for the Lemond and the Jamis:

Jamis STA - 74, HTA - 72, ST - 47 CtT, TT - 50
Lemond STA - 75, HTA - 71, ST - 45 CtC, TT - 49.8

re: Paging Becky, Lonefrontranger, etc. (re: new bike for GF)Becky
Apr 9, 2003 3:29 AM
Nice bike! Congratulations, and here's to many happy miles :)

Looks great, but level the saddle before she rides it...TFerguson
Apr 9, 2003 4:41 AM
Her wrists will be numb in about 15 minutes. How can an LBS let a bike out the door like that? Double check all the fit parameters. I almost quit riding after buying my first bike and riding one mile.

Otherwise, looks real nice! I'm sure she will be addicted like most of us are.

bad camera angle, it's leveldante
Apr 9, 2003 5:00 AM
sorry, my first attempt at "bike leaning against closet doors" picture shot, will try to take more pictures outside when (if) the sun comes out...