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Fi'zik' Aliante worth the money?(8 posts)

Fi'zik' Aliante worth the money?benja15
Apr 8, 2003 12:04 PM
I am saddle searching and looking for some input

also does anybody have experience with a trico split rail?
re: Fi'zik' Aliante worth the money?noveread
Apr 8, 2003 1:14 PM
Well, if you check the reviews, you will see the saddle has received glowing reviews. This is actually what swayed me to spend the $$$ on the saddle. If I am going to spend this much mooolah on a saddle, it had better be worth it. So I did.

Unfortunately, I only have about 150miles on the saddle so far so I cannot give a long term report but I have completed one 75mi ride on the saddle and so far so good. It does seem like a great saddle. I have the carbon rail version as I weigh in at ~140lbs.

They are pricey, but my belief is that saddle and shoes are the two places that you absolutely DO NOT SKIMP on.

re: Fi'zik' Aliante worth the money?koala
Apr 8, 2003 2:35 PM
Yes. The area it excels in is increased sitbone comfort. The area just ahead of that seems like any other saddle. I notice no numbness, though, during long rides like I did with every other saddle. I have had turbos, concors, flites and a host of lesser saddles but none are as comfy for me as the aliante. I have a narrow, bony bottom so maybe thats a contributing factor to comfort with this seat. Its a ton of money for a saddle but worth it to me.
Apr 8, 2003 4:48 PM
The reason the Aliante is so comfortable is that, unlike other saddles that use carbon fibre or plastic to form their shape, it uses Kevlar. This creates a strong base but also allows flexibility. Think of a balloon. You can press your finger into it but it still holds its overall shape. The Aliante is like that. It "gives" where your sit bones press on it, but also support the rest of your butt. To me, it feels like I've added suspension.
re: Fi'zik' Aliante worth the money?High Gear
Apr 8, 2003 6:05 PM
I saw the reviews too. I had $150 gift certificate to Excel,so I went for it. I have to say, I'm prone to getting numb and the Aliante was great from the beginning. I have only been out on it for the past three 25-35 mile rides. My butt loves it so far. I'll see when I start doing my longer rides. I can say with little doubt that this is one of the most comfy I have ever had. I just don't understand why Selle Italia or Selle San Marco thought of this design first. Maybe it just took good old American thought to come up with a winner for the masses. The Fizik saddles are made by Selle Royal but designed by Fizik in the U.S. Like one other poster said. Your butt and feet are two places you don't want to skimp on.
Fi'zik' nisene may be a good cheaper optionreklar
Apr 8, 2003 10:06 PM
I have been very happy with my Nisene. Haven't done the research so don't know the exact differences between it and the Aliante, but it flexes well and sort of adds "suspension" if you will as described above. The Nisene runs about $80 and may have been originally designed for MTB. I'm happily using it on the road...

Anybody know the difference offhand?
re: Fi'zik' Aliante worth the money?netso
Apr 9, 2003 6:14 AM
I owned a Fizik Poggio. I thought this was the most comfortable saddle I had owned. I wore it out, bought a Fizik aliante (carbon), and never looked back. This is a helluva saddle!!!!!!
Apr 9, 2003 6:59 AM
Most comfortable saddle I've ever ridden. The fact that it's only about 160 grams is icing.