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Hashed my Campy track hub in 6 months.(6 posts)

Hashed my Campy track hub in 6 months.onespeed
Apr 7, 2003 7:14 AM
That is what riding a fixed 3000 miles in 6 months in the weather we
had this lasting winter will do to a quality hub. Just had the rear
wheel rebuilt with a Phil Wood which I have been advised will not
"hashed" how?desmo
Apr 7, 2003 8:07 AM
Did the hub break or did you just burn it up? You can't put that kind of wet mileage on any loose-ball hub without frequent re-packing. Especially ones with seals designed for indoor track racing.
I think I "burnt" it up.onespeed
Apr 7, 2003 8:19 AM
The cones were pitted and the black coloring (anodized
innards) was all streaked and ragged on the cones and the
inside of the hubs. I learned an expensive lesson on this
one. It must have been the salt and the winter that did

The front hub is a DP 18 spoke road hub that has sealed
bearings. It has performed for close to 11 years now with
no problems, such that I have never considered replacing
"hashed" how?brian n
Apr 7, 2003 9:47 AM
yeah, desmo said it.

campy (and shimano i'm sure) track stuff is designed for indoor riding (or outdoor in nice weather) where it won't have to face a snow storm up the gavia pass in the giro d'italia...

strong? definitely. weather resistent? most definitely NOT.

your better off getting single speed mtn bike stuff that is designed for the elements instead of 6 day racing parts for that winter single speed.

i believe campy states specifically on their web page that the bearings are not sealed in their track hubs and bottom bracket, and to ride the components on the road where dust and grime work into them relatively quickly will ruin them.


ps- i just replaced my second (or thrid? or fourth?) hand campy pista track group off my racing bike with new campy pista. i was able to date the group to being made in 1963 when i overhauled the replaced components!!!! good stuff.
can spacing be adjusted on the Phil Wood hub??ukiahb
Apr 7, 2003 10:17 AM
I need to build a proper FG wheel for mx fixie and have been considering using a Phil Wood hub, but am curious if it possible to adjust the spacing to get the chainline right as you can with many other hubs....I'm kinda leery of trying to get it perfect by crankset/bb axle adjustment alone on my converted bike.
If you can find a FG master, they should be able to do it. (nm)onespeed
Apr 7, 2003 11:19 AM