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2003 lightspeed vortex vs. c-40 hp(19 posts)

2003 lightspeed vortex vs. c-40 hpzippi
Apr 6, 2003 8:43 PM
i've just sold my '02 ghisallo(too noodley), and want build up a more responsive, yet comfortable bike. i narrowed it down to these two, but am open to suggestions. i'm 30ish, 5'8, 155lbs. some racing, mostly fast weekend hilly rides. who currently rides either a '03 vortex or c-40. have 3grand for frame and fork. i'm leaning more towards the vortex.
I like the Vortex.Ambishawn
Apr 6, 2003 9:28 PM
I would get fitted and Have Litespeed build you a custom one. I dont think this is an option with a C40hp. My good riding buddy rides a C40 and I can assure you it wont be too flexy for you and Neither will a Vortex. I ride a custom frame and never have ridden better. The best way to adress problems you had with other frames.
So what's the question?Nessism
Apr 6, 2003 9:35 PM
You currently ride both of these frames and want other peoples opinions? What kind of information are you looking for? Surely you are more of an expert than most others. I doubt there are many around here that can compare these two frames in any way other than reputation and/or coolness factor.

pay attentionrogue_CT1
Apr 6, 2003 9:44 PM
He didn't say he currently rides either of these frames. He asked "who" rides these frames.

I love the C-40. I've riden one but I decided on the CT-1 since I'm over 200 lbs and Colnago recommend anyone over 187 not use the C-40. It wasn't a factor of the frame failing but that the frame might flex too much.

Since you weigh well under 187, the C-40 would be perfect for you. I am slowly losing weight in order to get as close to 187 lbs as I can then I'm going to spring for one myself. It is an awesome bike.
So what's the question?zippi
Apr 6, 2003 9:46 PM
sorry i forgot to add a question mark. the question is, "Who currently rides a vortex or c-40 or maybe has a frame suggestion?"
I ride aLazywriter
Apr 6, 2003 10:19 PM
Vortex and for me, the deciding factor in spending that kind of cash was durability. Under normal cirucmstances, CF is fine, but you have to be more careful with a CF frame's finish more so than Ti. Ti is very low maintanance and you need not worry about scuffs or breaks in clearcoat. Crashing a CF frame would cause me more concern than a Ti frame and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is kidding themselves.
Plus I prefer the lively ride of ti compared to the more muted CF. I like the understated paintless look of ti over those gaudy paint jobs that scream "look at me". I have a Fondriest for that and although a nice bike, I like the shine of bare ti better. I also don't like the idea of weight limits either. I am a larger rider, but when I see weight limits, it worries me a bit that they even recommend them. I test rode a Ghisallo and I flexed it like a paperclip. The Vortex has no issue and I am 200 lbs.
I've owned both. C40 hands down. nm.Velojon
Apr 7, 2003 2:03 PM
Oh, that was helpful!!!!!Lazywriter
Apr 7, 2003 4:19 PM
"I owned both, C40 hands down". You are a big help to this guy with that very descriptive assessment. Jesus!!!! The C40 is a great bike, but the Vortex is equally high on the performance contiuum but even higher on durability. CF is fine if you don't crash. Ti is more bombproof. People will say that they have seen ti fail, but they are few and far between. However, my LBS sees more broken and damaged CF than any ti failures of any brand. Even saw a few broken C40s on Ebay every now and again at giveaway prices.
Consider Colnagos horrible warranty and very very slow turn around if you ever need repair. People can argue, but this is from my LBS owners who dread dealing with Colnago with warranty issues. They are one of the largest Colnago dealers in the state as I live in Northern NJ which is highly populated with affluent people not me included.
Vortex riderboneman
Apr 7, 2003 2:17 AM
I have a 1999 Vortex and have put in 20k+ miles riding. I had ridden only steel before going back to my Cat. 2 riding days in the 70's.

It's a great ride. Stiff enough in the BB and yet with a reasonably compliant ride even over poor road surfaces. They've made the changes I would look for in the newer models, ie slightly longer head tube to reduce the needs for spacers and going to a 1.125" fork. I've used a Look HSC-2 straight fork (it's 1") and it's a noodle so pick your fork carefully. As for a custom, if you need it, it's worth looking into. I have had 3 custom steels made over the years but I ride a stock Vortex and the fit's fine.

C-40, can't tell you although I have one on order. I'm not buying to replace. I've got the cash and just buying for something different. As for durability, the Ti is a no maintenance proposition. Excluding collisions, most of my bike accidents have only bent the rear derailleur hanger which is probably not a big issue to get straightened on the C-40. As for CF care, chain slap on the rear stay comes to mind but manufacturing defects, tubing failure or bonding failure would be a concern and I'm sure it happens. I'll note that Colnago's been building in CF with CF lugs since the Carbiturbo days so I would imagine they've got the manufacturing process down fairly well.
One thing on the C40boneman
Apr 7, 2003 2:22 AM
I ordered a non-HP 2003 model. They still make them. I checked out the HP at the London bike show and didn't like the look of the HP stay. Regardless of whatever benefits the stay design delivers, it didn't work for me. Also, what if you got a piece of road grit/pebble in the opening and it started to abrade the stay? Pretty theoretical but sh*t happens.
Is this really a concern?ColnagoFE
Apr 7, 2003 6:14 AM
I mean if you have the $ to buy a C-40 and are comfortable with Carbon Fiber then why worry about gravel abrading the stay? I'd worry more about crashing and breaking something with a CF bike. If durability is your main concern go with the TI bike. But then again a Vortex and a C-40 are pretty different bikes so I'd wonder why people even try to compare them in the first place.
Is this really a concern?boneman
Apr 7, 2003 7:34 AM
No, not really. If it breaks/fails, that's the way it goes.

As I said, all theory and the bottom line is I don't like the look of the HP stay.
chain slap?...just buy a neoprene stay cover and forget it (nm)ColnagoFE
Apr 7, 2003 6:15 AM
the fit and the budget...C-40
Apr 7, 2003 4:38 AM
Unless you get a leftover '02 Vortex, it seems beyond your budget. Colarado Cyclist wants $6375 for a Record equipped bike, which has a build kit that's not worth more than $2000. That makes the frame and fork $4375.

A C-40 with the same build kit would be about $5000.

The C-40 is available in 1cm increments and has a little longer head tube length that will minimize steering tube spacers. The geometry of the two frames is not too different, but if you really need a 54cm and all they offer is a 53 or 55, you get a compromise.

As for the painted finish, that's strictly a personal thing. Litespeed would charge another $400 for a plain paint job. Colnago paint jobs would cost much more if offered separately. If you transport the bike a lot and treat it rough, then the Ti frame would be preferable.

For a weekend rider of your size who only races once in a while, the Tuscany or Sienna would be better choices. The additional stiffness of the Vortex would be wasted on a 155lb rider, IMO.
From a Vortex ownermdo
Apr 7, 2003 6:19 AM
I'm a big guy: 6'5, 240 lbs, and the Vortex is rock solid. I have a carbon Zipp that I race on, and have ridden numerous carbon frames including Calfee, Kestrel, and Trek: they ride very nice, but seem a bit dead to me. The Vortex humms along nicely: its not harsh, but you definitely get road feedback. I put on a carbon seatpost & that combined with the Ti gives a very comfy ride. Absolutely no BB flex either. + great frame warranty, the new '03 tubes are very cool, and the unpainted frame is maintenance free. Go with a Time Avant fork for extra comfort.
From a Vortex ownerzippi
Apr 7, 2003 8:46 PM
thank you all for your time and opinions. I've decided on the vortex, i found the frame for 2,400 online new. know if i can just find one with nice welds on toptube and downtube.
From a Vortex ownerObee
Apr 7, 2003 10:13 PM
I have a new 2001 53 Vortex frame with Ouzo Pro fork that I may sell. Has never been assembled. I'm the same size as you and was advised that the 2001 or 2002 was a better choice for my weight. The only difference is the integrated head tube between 01 and 02. The 03 with larger down tube is very stiff for sub 165lb I have been told.
From a Vortex ownerFez
Apr 8, 2003 5:40 AM
can you post your email address. i may have someone who is interested in your frame.
From a Vortex ownerObee
Apr 8, 2003 9:26 AM