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First Road bike... Maintenance info?(3 posts)

First Road bike... Maintenance info?blakester
Apr 6, 2003 5:10 PM
I finally got my first road bike (a 2001 Spec. Allez Elite w/ultegra) Some parts are new (cables, tires/tubes) and some are the 2001 parts. What do I need to know about maintenance cleaning/greasing/lubing? Keep in mind this is my first bike, I ride in a rainy environment, and I'll probably put 50-70 miles a week on it. Thanks!
P.S. A recomendation of a good oil/lube and a good grease would be appreciated.
re: First Road bike... Maintenance info?Barnyard
Apr 6, 2003 5:41 PM
As far as lubes go, wax is cleaner, but something like tri-flow will work better. With lubes, just remember, if you put a lot on, you got spend the time wiping it off. I've been telling people that if I ever get serious about cycling, I might switch to tri-flow. But first I'm planning on purchasing a degreaser in bulk. Finally, since your bike is new, it should not need much to maintain it, that is if a competant mechanic has already checked it over. Grease should not be an issue for some time.
Second the Tri-Flow, and Simple Green's a good degreaser...girchygirchy
Apr 6, 2003 6:48 PM
I use Tri-Flow on my mt bike, whjch gets the full mud/water/dirt treatment, and I really like the stuff.

About degreaser; Simple Green is the best value out there, you can get it in bulk (gallon) at Sam's and maybe Home Depot/Lowes.

Here are some tips for keeping your chain clean, which is possibly the most important part to keep well-lubed: first, take the chain off and degrease it in a can, or soak a rag in degreaser and backpedal while holding the rag on the chain. Do this until the rag stops getting dirty. Then use another rag, with water on it, to get the degreaser off. Let it dry. Then, put lube on the rollers of the chain, and backpedal to let the lube soak in a bit. And finally, get a dry rag or towel, and backpedal while holding it on the chain to pick up the lube on the outside of the chain. Lube is not needed on the outer surface at all; it'll only pick up loads of dust and dirt (increasing wear), and get your pants filthy.

Other than that, I put some lube on the pivot points of the derailleurs, and keep a close eye on my quick releases and hubs. Don't put lube on your's not recommended by manufacturers, and it just gums up the cables and makes the situation worse.

Hope that helps some.