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Do Zipp wheels have a weight limit?(8 posts)

Do Zipp wheels have a weight limit?my327vette
Apr 6, 2003 4:55 PM
Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows if Zipp wheels have a rider weight limit? I am particularly interested in Zipp 303 clinchers. I am around 195 pounds, and do not race. Thanks.
re: Do Zipp wheels have a weight limit?swvegg
Apr 6, 2003 7:07 PM
So why do you want some unreliable race wheels if you don't race?
re: Do Zipp wheels have a weight limit?russw19
Apr 6, 2003 8:08 PM
he he he.... that's funny but true.

Hey Vette, I would advise you at that size to stay away from Carbon rims. If you want aero wheels, get a deep dish aluminum rim instead. They can take more weight, you don't need special brake pads, and they are more reliable. I have a set of American Classic 420's with bladed spokes, 20 front, 24 rear, and they are super strong. They weigh less than Mavic Ksyriums and were way cheaper than 303's. I would think that's a more logical choice, but then I would really think a traditional wheel is best. You don't have odd parts, any shop can true them, and they are way cheaper. If you are not racing, why do you need race wheels? I don't know if you have ever noticed, but even pro cyclists train on regular wheels. If you want a little lighter and better handling wheels, get some nice tubulars instead of clinchers. Record or Dura-Ace hubs (depending on your drivetrain) built on Mavic Reflex rims with DT Revolution spokes with Conti Sprinter 250 tires. Sweet combo! Light, responsive, and common enough that anyshop can service them for you.

Just my advice,
re: Do Zipp wheels have a weight limit?my327vette
Apr 6, 2003 9:14 PM
Thanks for the advice! I know I don't need race wheels, but i was interested in getting some light wheels for faster training and group rides. I don't really know a lot of higher end road wheels which is why i asked about the Zipps. Are the Hed Alps wheels any better for someone my size, or should I just stick to a traditional style wheel? Thanks again.
re: Do Zipp wheels have a weight limit?rogue_CT1
Apr 6, 2003 9:47 PM
I'd stay away from the Hed's... far away at your weight.
re: Do Zipp wheels have a weight limit?Akirasho
Apr 7, 2003 1:37 AM
... actually, as a heavier rider, I've had good results with HED and ZIPP products (the only "racing" I do are time trials)...

While I've never ridden the 303s (I think their too fragile for me)... I've logged quite a few miles on a tubular set of 404s... and have recently acquired a clincher set of "Clydesdale" 404s. I'll let you know if there is a tangible diff.

I've also logged quite a few miles on several types of HED spoked wheels with no prob. Just acquired a set of Alps, but haven't had time to ride 'em. Based on past experience with other products, I expect no problems.

An email to ZIPP might answer some of your concerns (most companies are leary of throwing around weight limit numbers in print (though, I think at one time, ZIPP did)... probably moreso from possible litigation than an engineering POV).

Be the bike.
for what it is worthfiltersweep
Apr 7, 2003 5:21 AM
go to the dreaded ebay and see for yourself how many single Zipp wheels are out there- and NOT because someone purchased a disc for the rear- but rather because ONE of the wheels was fatally damaged... also, many of the damaged wheels are also for sale, and you can see pics for yourself (indentations that break through the fibers, etc...).

If you email Zipp? Zipp will still want to sell you some wheels, and I don't know that I would trust their numbers. If you don't race, I wouldn't get them. If you DID race, you'd probably only want to use them for actual races anyway.

I've never seen anyone ride on Zipps for a regular group ride anyway- and there are plenty of bullet-proof, lightweight wheelsets out there anyway that you would never need to worry about- but it is your money.
for what it is worthmy327vette
Apr 7, 2003 3:09 PM
Thanks for all the great info! Filtersweep, could you tell me a few of the "bullet-proof, lightweight" wheelsets that you are talking about? I am open to considering any options at this point because I am currently riding the stock bontrager wheels that came on my Trek 5200. Thanks.