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To rev-x or not to rev-x..... is that a question?(11 posts)

To rev-x or not to rev-x..... is that a question?phatboy
Apr 6, 2003 8:24 AM
I want to upgrade my wheels, and in the process of asking questions to local shops I have found that some people love the spinergy rev-x wheels and some people hate them, but no one really knows why. I am currently a fitness rider at 230lbs but am trying to liten up my bike. I don't know if they are lite but I understand they are very tuff. Can anyone tell me why or why not to go with these wheels?
Apr 6, 2003 2:04 PM
I wouldn't do it. Read this ---

Besides, I've heard their customer service stinks and I read that they are not much more aero than standard spoked wheels.
Apr 6, 2003 5:14 PM
Look at it this way... Spinergy doesn't make those wheels anymore... how great of a design could it be if they abandoned it?

It's old technology at best. At worst, it's a poor design that is bound to fail causing the rider catastrophic bodily injuries. You decide.

one of the biggest smears in my cycling memory...sctri
Apr 6, 2003 7:07 PM
I cant think of any one product that has gotten so deliberatly, and in my opinion unfairly, bashed than the rev-x wheels.

That website isnt objective testing, it isnt certified, its some guy who hated his wheel, or the company.

You are better off lookin in the RBR reviews section, or askin arround your shop than looking at that extremist view on the subject.

The wheels were raced by some pro-teams, in major races, and they didnt explode on them. (unlike a certain stem/bar combo in this years tour...??)

Regardless, they arent new, but they arent all that bad, talk to someone who has riden them

the fact remains...weiwentg
Apr 7, 2003 5:18 AM
that 12 people had their wheels self-destruct, and spinergy often didn't help them.
you said look in the RBR reviews? well...
"The wheels did not hold up. After only 1000 kms the lock rings that hold the carbon fiber "spokes" in places came out (ON A DOWNHILL!!!) which caused the front wheel to collapse. I barely managed to avoid crashing. I was not completely happy with the customer service fom Spinergy. Although it was clearly a manufacturer defect, I was told I was have to pay 67% of retail for a replacement."
"Bought them early '96, and had less than 1K miles. Luckily I read about the accident website and took a look at my wheels. Found 2 cracks in a spoke blade on the front. Scary thing is that this bike was used to pull out 2 year old's Burley. Wow. Plus, the bike has a Manitou EFC/700c suspension fork, USE shock post, and big 700 x 45c tires, so I felt that there sure was not nearly a load on the wheels compared to a skinny road tire and non-suspended bike has. Called Spinergy, Larry explaind their crash/upgrade policy to me. I was not thrilled, but he was quite helpful. So, off came my Shimano R535's from the new Raleigh R700 and onto the Trek they went. I will swap out the Rev-X's for Xaero's and put them on the Raleigh. Larry stated their cost to swap out will be about $430, and they will ship to my LBS in a week or so. Their policy is that to swap out old/crashed wheels you get 40% off list. I guess $430 beats $700 for full pop on the Xaero's, but still does kinda piss me to lay out $550 to begin with for a wheelset to only go 4-5 years and less than 1K miles with no abuse. My advice....CHECK YOUR WHEELS NOW! It may save a trip to the hospital! As for those who have had no trouble, yes, I am sure that is true as well, but still take the few seconds to inspect those wheels!"
"I got these wheels for a bargain second-hand. Were ardly ridden and paid £150 each. All was well until part of the carbon fibre rim section separted from the aluminium braking surface on the front wheel. A repair using expoxy resin worked for month before the separation occured again , as well as a 3" split in the joint between the two halves of the wheel. Again this was repaired but resin was cured under heat. This has held up nicely but I avoid holes, bumps and debris loke the plague.
Definately wouldn't use these wheels training..."
"After talking with spinergy again about the new cracks that appeared they decided the wheel should be replaced under warrenty. So while I won't trust the wheel to albany streets I will be putting them on a time trial bike for racing next summer. Tried them out for a few days after getting them and am much happier. However due to the excessive length of time needed to warrenty them i can only give them 3 for overall rating."
"After a couple days of use the wheel cracked accross the body of the rim. Company wouldn't replace claiming it was due to impacts, so much for thier "no fault", despite the fact that I didn't hit anything. Used a plastic glue to patch and a year later 2 more cracks showed up. This time the spinergy rep sent it in and they still want 250 to replace it. Definately not worth the money. Also to heavy at the rim for really fast starts or sudden sprints and you get to drag that extra weight up every hill. For the price something spoked and easy to fix is a better option."
"Don't bother. These are an accident waiting to happen. While they are areodynamic, they are not reliable nor safe. I discovered my cracks upon inspecting the wheels after reading about other riders with catastophic failures on their Spinergy wheels.
These deserve a negative rating."
a lot of people have had positive experiences. I saw some riders using them in the MWCCC time trial on Saturday. but enough people have had negative experiences that I wouldn't buy them.
were you the guy who accused me of launching a crusade the last time?
the fact remains... more facts about RevXNo_sprint
Apr 7, 2003 7:10 AM
Funny how so many people bash all sorts of stuff they have no experience with.

Spinergy customer service is not good.

I've never seen one come apart nor do I have any first hand knowledge of one doing so. Some of the best pros in the U.S. have raced them for years and are still racing them.

Mine are perfectly fine. No cracks, no nothing. Well over 1000 miles.

They are not the lighest wheel, the latest technology wheel, the best wheel. They are the heaviest of all my sets.

Running at ~$400 used they are considerably overpriced on Ebay and other classifieds. I got mine for about that new.

At 230#, I recommend a 32 spoker.
what stem/bar combo are you talking about? (nm)jtferraro
Apr 7, 2003 6:55 AM
There are better or more suitable wheels for you availableLone Gunman
Apr 6, 2003 7:39 PM
Old design, heavy by todays standards, and although I have NEVER ridden on them I have ridden with those who have them. My experience was that they are noisy, make a "fan" sound, "clacked" when a bump was hit or crack in the road. I like silence from my bikes, just the light singing of the tires on the road.

Mavic had a set of wheels out, Cosmos, Ritchey WCS, Velomax also are nice or you could always look at and get a set of great wheels from there. Just depends what kind of money you want to spend.
they are very fast wheels.....bestT
Apr 6, 2003 8:21 PM
and are still riden by many racers as race and training wheels. They are very aero, and as I said, some of the fastest wheels I've ever riden. They are also quite heavy, and are a b*tch to handle in windy conditions.
Don't be afraid, if you get them for a good price, and use them in the proper conditions, you will like them.
The answer is blowing in the windunchained
Apr 6, 2003 8:32 PM
I have been riding them since 1999. I have hit two potholes hard enough to knock bottles out of my cages, but the wheels are fine.

Look for the later design, introduced around 97/98 with the spokes mounted "inboard" at the hub. This was the last design. They have a higher spoke tension, and are much more reliable than the earlier versions.

They are not always perfectly true, even when new. The standard version weigh around 1900gms.

As for being aero, well some pros are still using them in time trials, where they are still legal. The picture below is of Rumsas taken this spring (notice where the spokes meet the hub). He is not sponsored by Spinergy, so the wheels have other decals on them.

If you can get a new pair at a closeout price, or a good used pair then it might be a worthwhile purchase. They are not as light as a Zipp, but are probably sturdier, and they are aero.
The answer is blowing in the windMantra
Apr 7, 2003 2:16 AM
They look cool but is too heavy and is not very stiff. Check this site