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For All You TREK Fans-New Bike(9 posts)

For All You TREK Fans-New Bikemerckxman
Apr 5, 2003 5:04 PM
from interview with Lance:
CN: We've heard rumors that you are testing a new bike for possible use in the Tour de France... Care to confirm or deny this?
LA: I am almost always testing, or discussing, new stuff. Having said that, there will be a new rig in the Tour and maybe even in Liège this year. You'll see.
re: For All You TREK Fans-New Bikeupandcomer
Apr 5, 2003 5:39 PM
I wonder what the changes will be. Integrated headset? Sloping top tube? (hope not).
re: Read more carefully, ;-)teoteoteo
Apr 5, 2003 6:00 PM
I have posted on this twice but not started my own thread. It will indeed be semi-sloping top tube model. The original bike was a full sloping top tube but Lance called it a girls bike in a light moment--he then went on to say he would not ride it.

The current incarnation will be a bike that he has agreed to ride. This all started in 2002 when the full slope model was brought to Austin by John Burke (Prez at Trek)and the design team. VeloNews also ran a blurb on this a few weeks ago.....
re: Old post with VeloNews excerptteoteoteo
Apr 5, 2003 6:06 PM
This post have excerpt from VeloNews a few weeks back.

teoteoteo "Lance's "production" Trek: you won't believe this!" 4/2/03 6:07am
Wasn't the article dated April 1?Fez
Apr 6, 2003 3:31 PM
Would like to know the real deal. The Shimano financing article below it made me wonder.
Hey it is.teoteoteo
Apr 6, 2003 5:19 PM
Not a joke, here is the original article. I posted about the real bike but I am guessing many must have thought it was a joke too. The article was posted March 4.

Just for background (forgive my Nick-ness here) I am a freelance writer from Austin that works in Lance's hometown shop. My work has appeared in, VeloNews, and While were not "friends" I have a good flow of info on Lance and his goings on. I have worked with him in the shop and as a writer. One of my former co-workers is LA's personal assistant and is currently in Spain with him.
Hey it is.JBergland
Apr 7, 2003 11:06 AM
"When questioned further about the frames and forks, Andrews could only tell me that the new technology isn't, "100 percent Lance approved-yet," and that they [Trek] will only offer the technology to the public if Lance rides the new bike in the Tour. Otherwise, "it wouldn't pay for us to offer the consumer a new model if Lance won't ride it."

Can you believe it-Armstrong really has that much pull?"

I'm as much of a Lance fan as the next guy... but Lance is NOT Trek. The fact of the matter is Trek will produce a sloping top tube bike with or without Lance's approval. He says he won't ride it at the Tour? Doubt Trek would give this much more than a second thought... they would simply not 'connect' the new design as much with Lance as they may have planned to... but you can bet it will be at the Tour and USPS will be on them!! Lance advertises and promotes bikes... he doesn't design them. Read the above statement real close. It's advertising spin. It's basically says 'if our bikes aren't good enough for Lance, then we won't build them for the public.' It's a quote that I'm sure has been 'intentionally' shared with many people.
The semi-sloping ...sacheson
Apr 6, 2003 9:15 AM
... makes sense. The Saturn guys just unveiled their new LeMond. It uses a semi-sloping geometry, and has an OCLV backbone and a Ti headtube, downtube, bb, and chainstays. With the mold expense for the OCLV (predominant reason the geometries don't chage that often), I'm sure Trek is looking to maximize on any design/hardware update they implement.
The semi-sloping ...teoteoteo
Apr 6, 2003 5:30 PM
My thoughts exactly....I do know with 100% certainty that the original design changed though. The intial reaction from Trek President John Burke was disappointment over the rejection of the first model. I did not pursue as any type of story at the time as Trek was going to deny and I work at a big dealer--a sure way to make my two worlds conflict. The writing is secondary income and more for fun than anything.

As a side note Trek has only shipped 10-12 sloping Lemonds to dealers. At least according to some of their inside sales folks. This number does not include the Saturn team bikes....