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Spinning H2O cage inserts on carbon frame(2 posts)

Spinning H2O cage inserts on carbon frameMr Wolfe
Apr 5, 2003 1:14 PM
Looking for some advice...

It's starting to warm up here in the East and I would like to have the use of both water bottle cages. Unfortunately the seat tube water bottle cage can not be attached due to the fact that both of the inserts spin in the frame whenever I try to remove the hex bolts. The frame is carbon so I am assuming that the inserts were originally epoxied in place?

One friend had mentioned using JB Weld (automotive compound) on the inside of the seat tube to see if it would grab ahold of the inserts thus allowing me the ability to remove the screws. I'm holding this out as a last option.

I had tried taping the tube all up and grabbing the edge of the insert with a vise-grip, but there just was not enough profile to grab ahold of.

Any thoughts???
re: Spinning H2O cage inserts on carbon frameLive Steam
Apr 5, 2003 1:37 PM
How about getting some superglue in around the cage nut and the frame. It should pull itself in via capilary action. I think it will hold adequately for you to install the bolts.