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Need Shoe Covers/Booties: Pearl Izumi or other?(5 posts)

Need Shoe Covers/Booties: Pearl Izumi or other?Spunout
Apr 5, 2003 5:48 AM
Looking at these at my LBS

for $70 Cdn, very expensive.

My problem is that my feet sweat early into a ride, and the last half of my ride (into the wind on the way home, of course) my feet freeze badly.

Anyone have experience with these? Do they breathe?
Shoe Covers/Booties: Pearl Izumi and CastelliManBehindTheCurtain
Apr 5, 2003 6:14 AM
Breathe? Well, I guess, but they are wind stoppers mostly. Breathing at this outer layer isn't going to be very helpful anyway if your socks are absorbing and holding sweat and if your shoes are acting as a vapor barrier. These shoe covers are useful for keeping your feet warm but other measures seem to be in order for keeping your feet dry. If you can't keep them dry, warm is going to be difficult to maintain.

Having said that, I have these and I have the Castelli windstoppers and on really cold days I layer them. With that double layer system, wool socks, and my regular cycling shoes, my feet stay warm and dry in temperatures down to 15F for rides of up to 3 hours. With a single layer of either the Pearl or the Castelli my feet are warm and dry down to about 25F.

Your results may vary but personally I think finding the right socks is as important in this equation as booties.
It does not get that cold here...butfracisco
Apr 5, 2003 7:53 AM
I have tried Voler's booties/shoe warmers. I first accidentally ordered their Windtex bootie, which were overkill for what I need (I live at the beach in L.A.). They appeared to be good construction and were made in Italy. US$35. For my size 46 Sidi's, I thought that the size Large was too small (I'm at the crossover between L and XL), as I could not get the zipper around the back of the shoe.

They also have the all-purpose lycra shoe covers for US$18 in about 10 different colors. They work fine for me down to about 50 degree F, whereupon I wish I had stayed in bed or had a thicker sock on.
re: Need Shoe Covers/Booties: Pearl Izumi or other?PMC
Apr 5, 2003 8:14 AM
The Pearl Izumi AmFib covers with Smartwool socks are a great combo below 50 degrees. I've used them down to about 28 degrees and still stayed in my comfort zone for my toes. I don't know how well they breath, but I haven't had much problem with dampness from sweat.
Just got 'em this yearpeter1
Apr 5, 2003 4:28 PM
They don't breathe much because they're neoprene, but they sure do keep my feet warm. I can wear summer weight socks and mesh shoes down to about 25 degrees. (colder than that i don't ride unless it's really sunny.)

This week I put them on for an overcast 50 deg. ride but after a dozen miles I took them off, and there was condensation on the inside of the booties. I paid $50 US on sale, but can't complain since they work as advertised, and my feet get cold easily. Also really good for keeping mud off your shoes.

To clean or get the stink out, just put them in the sink with a bit of Woolite and hang dry in a few hours.

One thing, just make sure the zippers are on the outside or they'll scratch your chainstays.