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Colnago Ovalmaster Seatpost(3 posts)

Colnago Ovalmaster Seatpostbug753
Apr 4, 2003 8:37 AM
I have an Ovalmaster that I bought used (note: i did by it from a shop not from e-bay, so I assummed every thing was legit), any how it came with a Thompson seat post and I wanted something with more set back, so I pulled out the Thompson and went to put in a control tech ultra light I already had. To my suprise the Control Tech was the wrong diameter (27.2), I checked the Thompson and it was a 30.0. After some research I've found that Ovalmasters do use a 27.2 seatpost. This has me some what concerned. I contacted TrialTir (I probally spelled this wrong, the Colnago importer), we had a bit of a comunication problem there english wasn't the best. But from talking with them I believe that Ovalmasters use a shim to get the seatpost diameter to 27.2 and if the shim is removed then the diameter would be 30.0, however I'm not totally sure we were on the same page. If anybody has any insight into this I would greatly appreciate it.
re: Colnago Ovalmaster Seatpostrussw19
Apr 4, 2003 10:42 AM
My Ovalmaster uses a 27.2 post. If there is a shim in the tube, it's in there and staying in there, because I have never noticed it. It could be they welded or bonded in a "shim" or a sleeve to change the seat tube's inside diameter to the pretty industry standard 27.2 mm. I guess if they have a bonded in sleeve, it could very well come out, but I haven't noticed anything like that on my Ovalmaster, but then I never thought to look for one since this is the first I have heard of this.

But the good news is that most local mountain bike shops should carry the shim you need. It seems more common for mountain bikes to have all kinds of crazy seatpost sizes, so a good shop should have the shim. There are usually about $12 at most.

I used a 27.2 seatpost and a shim with mineB2
Apr 4, 2003 2:13 PM
Not sure what the seat tube inner diameter is since I bought the frame with the 27.2 shim already installed. I didn't even know I had a shim until I took it all apart trying to find the source of a creaking noise. I had no issues with the shim - seemed to work just fine.

If you want to use a seatpost without a shim, take the frame into your local shop and have them put calipers on it to measure for the correct seat post size.