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Ritchey OCR rear(4 posts)

Ritchey OCR rearniteschaos
Apr 3, 2003 12:51 PM
Has anyone noticed any extra strength from the design? It makes a lot of sense to me, but things on paper are different from application sometimes.

I'm looking for a light rear rim that will also be strong enough to take my 190 pounds over rough Atlanta roads. I want a single wheelset that I can race and train on, having only to swap tubes and tires to go from training to race. I was thinking Ritchey Aero front, Ritchey OCR rear, DT 14/15/14 all the way around on the rear and 14/17/14 on the front in a 3cross 32 hole pattern for both front and rear. CXP 33's aren't but 30 grams lighter than my current CXP 21's, and it would be cheaper to change from brass to Al nipples for the same rotational wieght loss.

Training tire would be Conti Sport 1000 25mm and racing tire would be Michelin Pro Race 23mm.
I had Ritchey wheelsMatno
Apr 3, 2003 4:50 PM
on my mountain bike for 2 years, including an OCR rear. They were very light, and although I'm not heavy at 140 lbs, I put them through hell. They survived beautifully, and only needed truing ONCE during those two years. Didn't even blink when I blew my rear shock on one of the roughest trails I've ever seen. I was sad to see them go when I switched to disc brakes...

For what it's worth, I've really liked my other Ritchey parts as well (handlebars, tires, etc). I'm sure the wheels would hold up as well as any other comparable wheelset.
have about 300 miles on a new pairterry b
Apr 3, 2003 6:02 PM
mixed roads, part crap, part smooth. I weigh 175.
Had them built by Excel, Hugi hubs, DT Revolution spokes up front 3x32. Revolution on the non-drive-side back and 14-15 on the drive side, also 3x32.

I'm looking to build another bike in the next week or so and I plan to go for a second set. They ride well, the look good and I'm satsified.
re: Ritchey OCR rearkeeshadog
Apr 3, 2003 9:54 PM
i have a set of the ritchey aero ocr rims, 28 bladed spokes. i bought from colorado cyclist about 14 months ago. had continental grand prixs on them for a while, on my road bike and they worked very nice for me. i'd had a pair of mavic open pros with ultegra hubs on my zurich and i could definitely tell a difference when i made the switch to the ritcheys. they seemed a bit heavier than the mavics, not quite as quick, but they felt a bit sturdier, stronger. only used them for a few months on that bike and then i put them on a cyclocross bike that i commute on. i put continental avenues, 40 mm tires, on them and i bomb around seattle with them. i've trued them once in the time i've had them and they definitely are sturdy enough to hold up to my 210 pounds. i like them and would definitely recommend them. nice looking, strong, versatile.