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Road Racing - Who changes a flat for the pros?(6 posts)

Road Racing - Who changes a flat for the pros?Fez
Apr 3, 2003 8:57 AM
I have yet to see a flat on OLN's road race coverage. If one happens, does a team car pull right up and take care of it?

Do they actually put a new tube and/or tire? Or do they have a spare front and rear wheel on hand, pumped up and ready to go for a quick swap?
team or neutral car/motorcycleDougSloan
Apr 3, 2003 9:02 AM
Watch Paris Roubaix. All sorts of flats.

Either a team car comes up or there are neutral (Mavic) vehicles carrying wheels.

They change out the entire wheel, or possibly the bike. They are usually very fast.

Can you explain the neutral Mavic vehicles?Fez
Apr 3, 2003 9:09 AM
Who operates these vehicles?

Are they truly neutral? Plenty of riders are using non-Mavic wheels.

Are all the fronts the same and the rears just have to be Campy or Shimano?

What wheelset do they give out?
Can you explain the neutral Mavic vehicles?Spunout
Apr 3, 2003 9:26 AM
Neutral support is drawn from because the roads are so narrow on some classics. A single vehicle following a break of six is better than six station wagons running everybody over. Sometimes a car (like in the Tour), sometimes a motorbike with a rack of wheels and a support person with water and food.

They carry a selection of wheels, I think C10 and SH9 rears are handy. They also carry Extran bars and drink boxes, water, so that the riders can be fed while in the break, strung out on the cobbles. Watch Tour of Flanders vidoes, or L-B-L for good support.

In Italy, the neutral support is from Campagnolo (of course).
Apr 3, 2003 9:30 AM
They are neutral in the sense that they help anyone who needs it. They even have whole bikes with toe clipped pedals (so they will work, sorta, for anyone).

I imagine all the fronts are the same. They have Campy and Shimano rears.

Not sure of which exact wheelsets they use. I think the "service course", or French equivalent (means "race service", I think), desgignation is what they use. I'd bet they are Ksyriums for most events. I'm pretty sure I've seen Ksyriums on the motorcycles.

The Mavic vehicles are bright yellow.

re: Road Racing - Who changes a flat for the pros?ClydeTri
Apr 3, 2003 9:03 AM
if you are talking teams the caliber of USPS in the tour de fraaaaaance...the team car has extra wheels, even whole bikes, ready to go...a guy jumps out and does it for the rider..