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OLN cycling coverage finally starts this week(17 posts)

OLN cycling coverage finally starts this weektarwheel
Apr 3, 2003 7:30 AM
Whatta week -- regular OLN cycling coverage starts today and daylight savings starts on Sunday. OLN has bike races on its schedule every Thursday at 7 p.m. ET through April, with selected events on Saturday afternoons as well. Complete schedule at

Coverage this week is Criterium International, followed by Tour of Flanders, Paris Roubaix and Amstel Gold in succeeding weeks. Daily coverage of the Giro de Italia starting May 10. Sure beats fishing shows.
:) ! nmJS Haiku Shop
Apr 3, 2003 7:33 AM
thanks for the reminder tarwheel!velocity
Apr 3, 2003 7:43 AM
I'm pleased that OLN's cycling coverage is starting but I don't understand why they can't have it throughout the year. I've e-mailed my sentiments to them but never have heard a response. There has to be more of us who want to watch cycling than fisherman or hunters or rodeo-lovers who watch their other programming, right?
Throughout the year?filtersweep
Apr 3, 2003 8:04 AM
What? Like the January "Tour de Fargo" ? Or the December "Cycling Iditarod"? Or the February "Oslo Classic"?

It is like wanting NFL all year long....
how 'bout cyclocross & Jan-March events?velocity
Apr 3, 2003 8:14 AM
...and I wouldn't mind repeats from last year or classics from the past! Here's a list of events from January thru today. I think the only one that OLN's covered is Paris-Nice.


January 06 Copa América de Ciclismo BRA 1.5

January 10-23 Vuelta al Táchira VEN 2.5

January 17-19 Open Australian National Championships AUS ---- CN

January 21-26 Jacob's Creek Tour Down Under AUS 2.3

January 29-February 02 Tour of Tasmania AUS 2.6

January 31-February 04 Tour of Qatar QAT 2.3

January 31-February 09 Tour de Langkawi MAS 2.2



February 02 GP Costa degli Etruschi ITA 1.3

February 02 Trofej Plava Laguna Porec I CRO 1.5

February 02 Trofeo Mallorca ESP 1.3

February 03 Trofeo Cala Millor - Cala Rajada ESP 1.3

February 04 GP d'Ouverture La Marseillaise FRA 1.3

February 04 Trofeo Manacor ESP 1.3

February 05 Trofeo Alcudia ESP 1.3

February 05-09 Etoile de Bessèges FRA 2.3

February 06 Trofeo Calvia ESP 1.3

February 09 GP Istria 1 - Umag CRO 1.5

February 11 GP Istria 2 - Umag CRO 1.5

February 12-16 Tour Méditerranéen FRA 2.3

February 12-23 Vuelta a Cuba CUB 2.5

February 14 GP Istria 3 - Buje CRO 1.5

February 15 GP Istria 4 - Buje CRO 1.5

February 16 Trofej Plava Laguna Porec I CRO 1.5

February 16-20 Vuelta a Andalucia "Ruta Ciclista Del Sol" ESP 2.3

February 18 Trofeo Laigueglia ITA 1.2

February 19-22 Giro della Riviera Ligure di Ponente ITA 2.3

February 19-23 International Tour of Rhodes GRE 2.3

February 19-23 Volta ao Algarve POR 2.3

February 19-27 Vuelta Independencia Nacional DOM 2.6

February 20-28 Tour d'Egypte EGY 2.5

February 22 Coppa San Geo ITA 1.6

February 22 GP Istria 5 - Rovinj CRO 1.6

February 22 Tour du Haut Var FRA 1.2

February 22-23 Criterium des Espoirs FRA 2.5

February 23 Classic Haribo FRA 1.3

February 23 Trofeo Caduti di Soprazocco ITA 1.6

February 23 Trofej Plava Laguna Porec III CRO 1.5

February 23 Trofeo Luis Puig ESP 1.2

February 25 Menton - Savona ITA 1.6

February 25-March 01 Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana ESP 2.3

February 26 GP Istria 6 - Rovinj CRO 1.6

February 26-March 01 Giro Riviera Ligure di Ponente ITA 2.6


MARCH 2003

March 01 Beverbeek Classic BEL 1.6

March 01 GP Chiasso SUI 1.3

March 01 Omloop Het Volk BEL 1.1

March 01-09 Rutas de America URU 2.6

March 02 Brussel - Opwijk BEL 1.6

March 02 Clasica de Almeria ESP 1.3

March 02 GP di Lugano SUI 1.3

March 02 Kuurne-Bruxelles-Kuurne BEL 1.2

March 02 The Paths of King Nikola II YUG 1.5

March 02 Trofeo Zssdi ITA 1.6

March 05 Memorial Samyn BEL 1.3

March 05-09 Vuelta Ciclista a Murcia - Costa Calida ESP 2.3

March 07-09 Driedaagse van West-Vlaanderen BEL 2.3

March 08 Giro della Provincia di Reggio Calabria ITA 1.3

March 08 Vlaamse Pijl - Harelbeke BEL 1.6

March 09 Acropolis Cup I GRE 1.5

March 09 Trofeo Pantalica ITA 1.3

March 09 Brussel - Zepperen BEL 1.6

March 09 Prix de Lillers "Souvenir Bruno Comini" FRA 1.5

March 09 The Paths of King Nikola III YUG 1.5

March 09 Trofeo Franco Balestra - Memorial Sabbadini ITA 1.6

March 09-16 Paris - Nice FRA 2.HC

March 11 Trofeo dell'Etna ITA 1.3

March 11-15 Giro del Capo RSA 2.5

March 13-16 Jadranska Magistrala CRO 2.5

March 13-19 Tirreno - Adriatico ITA 2.HC

March 14-16 GP Erik Breukink NED 2.3

March 15 Circuit du Brabant Wallon BEL 1.6

March 16 Bordeaux-Saintes FRA 1.6

March 16 Gent-Ieper - Kattekoers BEL 1.6

March 16 Giro del Lago Maggiore "GP Knorr" SUI 1.5

March 16 GP San Giuseppe ITA 1.6
here's some more races we could have watched in a perfect worldvelocity
Apr 3, 2003 9:22 AM
March 16 Omloop van het Waasland - Kemzeke BEL 1.5

March 16 Paris-Troyes FRA 1.6

March 18-25 Tour de Saudi Arabia KSA 2.6

March 19 Nokere-Koerse BEL 1.3

March 20-23 GP Mosqueteiros / Rota do Marquês POR 2.3

March 21 Classic Loire Atlantique FRA 1.5

March 22 Milano - Sanremo ITA CDM

March 22 Paris-Barentin-Yvetot FRA 1.5

March 23 Challenge de Hesbaye - Trognée BEL 1.6

March 23 Cholet - Pays De Loire FRA 1.2

March 23 GP Rudy Dhaenens BEL 1.3

March 23 Stausee-Rundfahrt SUI 1.3

March 24-28 Setmana Catalana de Ciclisme ESP 2.1

March 24-30 Tour de Normandie FRA 2.5

March 25 Sacrifice Cup GRE 1.5

March 26-30 Settimana Ciclistica Internazionale Coppi e Bartali ITA 2.3

March 26 Dwars door Vlaanderen Waregem BEL 1.2

March 27-April 06 Vuelta Ciclista de Chile CHI 2.5

March 28-30 The Paths of Nikola IV YUG 2.5

March 29 GP E3 - Harelbeke BEL 1.1

March 29 Zesbergenprijs Harelbeke BEL 1.5

March 29-30 Critérium International FRA 2.1

March 30 Annemasse-Bellegarde et retour FRA 1.6

March 30 Archer International Grand Prix GBR 1.5

March 30 Brabantse Pijl BEL 1.2

March 30 Trofee van Haspengouw - Aalst BEL 1.6


APRIL 2003

April 01-03 KBC Driedaagse van De Panne - Koksijde BEL 2.2

April 02-06 Cinturón Ciclista Internacional a Mallorca ESP 2.6

April 02 -April 06 Tour of Hellas GRE 2.5
Thanks for making my point for me ;) -nmfiltersweep
Apr 3, 2003 9:35 AM
Not OLN's faultrussw19
Apr 3, 2003 7:28 PM
There was a thread about this a few days ago... what nobody seems to realize is that OLN has no control over some of what they don't show. There is a huge issue going on in Europe that has to do with Canal+ which is a major player in the cable/sat biz and they are going broke. Partly due to being sued for industrial espoinage Hughes Electronics which is part of GM and is the parent company of Directv. The lawsuit also includes NDS which produces the smart cards for sat recievers. Anyways, Canal+ and Eurosport TV are in bad financial shape and they currently own the broadcast rights to a lot of the Euro races you are not seeing right now. If they can't afford to show it in their markets, then there is no feed for OLN to show. The big factor in all this is actually Serie A football in Italy. Canal+ can't afford to broadcast the matches, but they still have to pay the teams the TV revenue. It's a big mess and cycling is tied into it based on who owns the broadcast rights. That's also the reason you are not seeing as many videos from places like WCP. If there is no uplink feed to tap, or to record, there is no coverage here, in Europe, or on video later.

It's an interesting situation really, look it up on the web. But don't send OLN nasty letters saying how you are wronged by them showing Bass Fishing, because they don't have control of it. They can send out a camera crew to a lake and get some footage of some guy fishing, but it's a major deal to send out a fleet of cameras and a helicopter to uplink the rolling cameras to the downlink at the truck at the finish line of a race 200 kilometers away. They are a simple cable TV channel, not an entire broadcast network.

fair enoughvelocity
Apr 4, 2003 5:29 AM
Thanks for the clarification. I didn't send OLN a nasty letter. It was simply an appreciation of the coverage they do provide and a plea for more cycling coverage. The least OLN can do is acknowledge receipt and perhaps reply with an explanation of their situation vis a vis cycling coverage.

damn! do you mind...Frith
Apr 3, 2003 7:51 AM
running me a cable up to Canda?
I'm really getting sick of this. OLN canada is crap. I've really reached my saturation point with bass fishing, strong man competitions, firefighter competitions and the worst of them all highland games, a bunch of dudes in tartan skirts throwing sticks around.
There is a considerable amount of discussion on forum of how to buy/get/steal a signal carrying's getting desperate.
damn! do you mind...russw19
Apr 3, 2003 7:40 PM
It's your Canadian laws regarding the amount of mandatory Canadian Programming. Add that to the fact that Bell Express View has spent millions to block the importation of Directv into Canada based on the Canadian laws regarding Canadian content. A few years ago you could actually get a grey market subscription to Directv but BEV has been doing everything they can to bar that from happening still and now you get a knock on the door from the Mounties if you try to have a DTV subscription up north of the border.

I'm still mad that Paris-Roubaix.........ryder1
Apr 3, 2003 8:44 AM
won't be braodcast live! Aside from the Tour, this was the one race I never miss watching and waking up early and watching the live action was always a treat.
That's 6pm central / I'm out riding (nm)LEW
Apr 3, 2003 8:51 AM
Hey, watch what you say: I'm a fisherman too!hrv
Apr 3, 2003 9:03 AM
Actually a fly (spey) fisherman and the bass/gear shows I skip,except when the guys with the deep Minnesota accents are on my wife and I like to make fun of how they talk.

Thought Paris-Nice coverage was superb and reminded me how I probably enjoy these races (Vuelta and Giro included) maybe more then Le Tour. A little too much hype, that. Hey, I'm talking like Phil now!

No, no, noMel Erickson
Apr 3, 2003 1:03 PM
We have no accents here up nort. It's everybody else that sounds funny, don'tcha know? Yeah, you betcha!
I thought they just covered Huntin and Fishin?shamelessgearwhore
Apr 3, 2003 9:54 AM
No more Bull riding..............BIG RING
Apr 3, 2003 1:28 PM
Give me cycling, I can't take any more coverage of f'ing rodeos. "Look at that Jeb, Cooter just got thrown by Texas Fire." Idiots.