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Help: CC Aerohead Ti or American Classic CR-350 ?(4 posts)

Help: CC Aerohead Ti or American Classic CR-350 ?Tahoe Gator
Apr 3, 2003 7:26 AM
Please help me decide on a wheelset:
Cane Creek Aerohead Ti or American Classic CR-350

I want a lightweight racing wheelset for my Klein Quantum Pro (currently has Rolf Vector Pros). I bought a set of the American Classic CR-350 a while back and have yet to try them. I recently purchased a set of Cane Creek Aerohead Ti from Sierra Trading Post for $400 figuring I could give the American Classics to my wife or return them and ride the Am Classics. I have the Sea Otter race coming up and am packing the bike tonight, so now I need to decide.

My current Rolf Vector Pros weigh 4 lb 4 oz (1930 g)
Cane Creeks weigh 3 lb 10 oz (1650 g)
American Classics weigh 3 lb even (1360 g)

So the Am Classics are a full 10 oz (280 g) lighter than the Cane Creeks. The real question is whether the Cane Creeks offer other benefits that make up for the weight difference, e.g., are they stiffer, do the titanium spokes offer a magic ride, etc?

My weight: 170-175 lbs. (77-79 kg)

Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
re: Help: CC Aerohead Ti or American Classic CR-350 ?harry hall
Apr 3, 2003 12:27 PM
Want light, dependeable, and good ride quality? First, scratch the American Classics; the hubs are crap. Second sell the Cane Creeks--a Quantum Pro needs deep aero rims like a hole in the head. With the proceeds, buy a pair of 28 hole Dura Ace hubs, a pair of Mavic Reflex TUBULAR rims, have a good wheelbuilder assemble them with 14/15/14 gauge spokes and brass nipples, right rear, and DT Revolutions with alloy nips everywhere else, glue on some Vittoria CX or Veloflex Criterium tubulars--I know too much to care what they will weighh, but nothing will ride as well. This wheel recipe will spoil you for life.
I did it alreadyTrekFurthur
Apr 3, 2003 12:39 PM
with a Campy Barcelona rim and Chris King hubs, 3x Revolutions all the way around--1400grams and COMFORTABLE. Climb like wings.
re: Help: CC Aerohead Ti or American Classic CR-350 ?russw19
Apr 3, 2003 8:07 PM
Harry, respectfully I have to ask you if you are really aware of the advice you are giving, or are you just trying to add another wheel into the mix? The reason I ask is I would first love to hear what is wrong with the American Classic hubs. I have never seen anything bad written about the new wheels. That includes the 350 and the hubs they use on them.

More to my point though, regardless of what you think about American Classic's hubs, that's your opinion, and I am not questioning it for any reason other than to find out why exactly you don't like them. But your comments about the Cane Creeks lead me to believe you have no idea which wheels you are really talking about. The Aeroheads do not use a deep dish wheelset. They use a Velocity Aerohead rim which is simply drilled differently but it's not a deep dish rim. It's all of 21mm deep. The rims you may be thinking of are the Chronos. And every review of them is very positive. I rode them for a year and loved them.

Just an FYI, please don't take this as an attack on your suggestion. I think the wheels you recommended would make a great wheelset, but you shouldn't have to dismiss other wheels with false advice to make a point.