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I had some guy from nigeria wanted to buy my bike!(6 posts)

I had some guy from nigeria wanted to buy my bike!the bull
Apr 2, 2003 7:56 PM
this is what he says!

i left usa not quit long but presently i'm in nigeria
I have already made arrangement with client who is owing me $5000 and he said is going to send check of $5000 to you, so all you have to do is deduct your cost for bike and also shipping cost or i make the arrangement for the shipment and then you can let me have my balance via western union money transfer. This is the fastest way I can get money across to you now, as check sent from here takes over 1 month to clear but check there will clear in matter of days. If this is okay, please provide me with your contact info i.e, your full name to be written on the check, address and telephone number where the check will be send
Nice doing business with you,

SO I say!(edited for rbr)

Im actually in nigeria now I have the bike here along with some other bikes you might be intersested in lets meet at high noon in the "Go fu*k you self cafe"! how fu*king stupid do you think I am!

Then I sent him a picture of me mooning him and fliping him off!
Wait, where's the picture?js5280
Apr 2, 2003 8:06 PM
Heard this new moderator Doug is a push over, I'm sure you can get away with posting it ;-)
Happened to a guy here in townterry b
Apr 2, 2003 8:38 PM
Selling a Mercedes on eBay. He's asking $25k. Nigerian tells him "all I have is this check for $30k, send me the difference and the car and we'll call it even." Nigerian sends a check that Wells Fargo actually says is "okay." Guy wires Nigerian $5k. Before he sends the car, Wells Fargo says "oops, turns out check is not okay." Now it's up to the guy and Wells Fargo to argue about the $5k. Funny world we live in.
Variant of the "Nigerian Scam"geeker
Apr 2, 2003 8:52 PM
Try posting to a Usenet newsgroup without disguising your e-mail'll receive that kind of crap every day! Throwing bike sales into the basic scam seems new to me, though.
Variant of the "Nigerian Scam"davet
Apr 3, 2003 5:38 AM
I've got two "Cashiers Checks" from Nigeria. Both of them are very good counterfeits. I usually play along with these guys because it costs them $64.00 to FedEx Overnight the phoney check to me. Maybe I'll frame my checks and have some 'wall art'.
That is funny. However, I'd prefer the NigeriansFez
Apr 3, 2003 9:26 AM
not have my mailing address. I already get enough email crap from them. The last thing I want is snail mail from them. They used to send out paper copies of their scam proposals because there were still a lot of gullible folks out there without a computer.