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Trek 5200 vs Specialized Allez comp 18(8 posts)

Trek 5200 vs Specialized Allez comp 18cjwill
Apr 1, 2003 8:30 PM
to all riders,
have to choose between specialized Allez Comp 18 and the TREK 5200.....

Heres the deal I ride 5 nights a week 40 miles- on the santa ana river trail, I weight about 230 lbs.

I need a good bike... that will last

PS- Tring to get in shape (will/should loose another 40/50 LBS.

please advise
re: Trek 5200 vs Specialized Allez comp 18Bruno S
Apr 1, 2003 8:47 PM
the 5200 has a much better frame made of carbon fiber. the Specialized Allez Comp has a plain vanilla AL frame. If the cost is similar choose the Trek.
re: Trek 5200 vs Specialized Allez comp 18rockit
Apr 1, 2003 9:15 PM
Big difference in frame material. I sold my Allez because it just beat me up on long rides. I now ride my Trek 5200 on many centuries with much more comfort. I also have a steel ride. Much nicer than the aluminum IMHO.
For someone larger (like you and me)...ACE-
Apr 1, 2003 9:59 PM
carbon may not be the best for you. I have an Allez, and it doesn't beat be up. Do a bit more research before deciding.
Both nice bikesScot_Gore
Apr 2, 2003 3:50 AM
They are both nice bikes, built with same paradigm in mind, tour racing. As Sheldon Brown said in the latest issue of Adventure Cyclist, frame material is not the driving force that makes a bike harsh or flexy or's bike design, regardless of material.

Both bikes will do what you want. I'm betting you've got about a $1000 between the two. Buy the cheaper one and save the money for the next bike. The one where you'll know your preferences from all the miles on your butt.

To show my preference I ride a 2001 Allez Comp 18. I'm 230 lbs and don't feel beat up. Being a larger size person soaks up alot of the harshness that the small wispy guys get. It's the only advantages of being a larger, use it.


test ride them both (nm)jtferraro
Apr 2, 2003 5:37 AM
test ride them both (nm)BIG RING
Apr 2, 2003 11:21 AM
Good advice. Nothing beats a good test ride after properly measuring both bike's. Make sure the ride is long enough in distance to really get the feel for how the bike handles the road, not just a parking lot test. My bet is that you go with the 5200. It is true, at 230 lbs. you won't feel the road as much as a lighter guy....on any type of material frame. OCLV 120 is just fantastic.
re: Trek 5200 vs Specialized Allez comp 18babyhuey77
Apr 2, 2003 11:13 AM
The most important thing that you can do is purchase a bike with a lifetime frame warranty. I have cracked three aluminum bikes. Two of them were Specialized M-4 S-works, I split them through the drive side dropout. I also cracked a Kavik, and realized that the builder has disappeared. I recently built a Trek 5500 frameset and love it. I don't feel beat up after a 5 hour ride and the bike is so comfortable. To Specialized's credit I had a new frame within 2 weeks both times and wouldn't hesitate to buy another Specialized product. After much consideration and lokking and test riding I decided on the Trek for a couple of different reasons. I talked to our local rep who happens to deal with one of the largest Trek dealers in the US, Landis Cyclery. He assuered me that if I was to crakc this frame that it would be replaced/repaired under warranty no questions asked. Also the sheer numver of these bikes out there have to say something for the bike. I realize that you see a ton of them and at first I was too keen on that idea. I really didn't want something that everybody else had. A test ride was all that it really took for me to buy, that and the fact that I got a great deal. Overall I am very satisfied with the bike and ride qualities that it posses; stiff but comfortable, corners like it is on rails, and really confidence inspiring. I have nothing but praise for OCLV's ride and handling. For the record I am 6'3" and about 230 an losing as we speak. Only time will tell how the bike holds up, for the 500 miles that I've put on it in the past 2 weeks so far so good.