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My best ride yet...(1 post)

My best ride yet...hycobob
Mar 31, 2003 6:17 PM
I've done the Tour de Cypress near Houston, Tx four times now and have always liked it, but this year seems special. With my company (French BTW) losing 2 operators; its caused me to work way too much O/'ll pay for a trip to Moab though. This excessive O/T has cut my ride time way back, so lately I haven't felt as strong as last year. Yesterday, when I got to the ride, there weren't any of my club riders around. So I thought the windy & cold day was going to hell quickly. But any ride is better than not riding and I took a day of vacation for this one, so I went to the front and awaited the 7:15 start for the 80 milers. With the Sun & Ski Sports pro/elite team leading out, we fell into a sloppy paceline (fast, slow, swerve...repeat). At the 11 mile rest stop I needed to pee but kept on riding...too early to stop. At the rest stop we turn left and the paceline splits. I'm too far back to bridge up, but I try anyway leaving the pack behind (thank God for those new aero-bars). At each rest stop I knew I should stop to pee but I kept on. From about 35 to 50 miles a paceline kept up, but then on a hill a Lance wannabee took off. At the top of the hill, I jumped out of the pack and big ringed it until he was caught...heart rate monitor pegged at 198bpm! 5 miles with him and then he took of again. I tried but couldn't catch him this time, yet he was the only rider to pass me all the paceline split at 11 miles. Near the 1st/last rest stop again and alone I finally stop to pee at a barn (about 70 miles). After a few miles another paceline catches up; the day's first to understand echelons, except one guy. I held on, but 4 miles from the end, thought I couldn't hang on any longer. Tenacity is all I can claim as I held on 'til the end. 79.95 miles - 20.5mph avg. - 3:52hrs - no rest stops!!!