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The most BIZARRE pedalling style I have ever seen!(2 posts)

The most BIZARRE pedalling style I have ever seen!UcannotBsirius
Mar 31, 2003 1:51 PM
Went out on the MTB at the weekend with StevieP, spent a good few hours riding all the local singletrack. After a while we finished a section and stopped on the intersecting fire road to chat and get our breath back (not necessarily in that order!).

As we were chatting I saw another rider coming slowly towards us. The over-hanging foliage was obscuring his upper body, but I could see him from tha waist down and noted his very odd pedalling style. His ankles were right out, and his knees right in, almost brushing the top tube.

As he got closer we could see that it was an old guy (60+) and he obviously had a pretty serious deformity. His legs were incedibly thin, his thighs were probably smaller than my arms (and I'm pretty scrawny), and the balls of his feet were on the outside of the pedal, with his feet parallel with the pedal (i.e. at 90deg to the bike). How the hell he manages to ride at all is beyond me.

We said hello as he passed, then when he was out of sight / earshot we couldn't help laughing, not out of any sense of malice or lack of sympathy, but it really was a funny sight to see.

We agreed though that he guy deserves total respect for getting out and riding at all considering his problem, which looked as though walking would be difficult.

(Talking of respect, did the Cotswold Corker 100k Audax a few weeks back which is infamous for the amount of climbing (quite a bit at 25%) and there was a one-legged guy riding, who as far as I know rode the whole course and finished).

Kind of humbling......
I don't remember his name...hycobob
Mar 31, 2003 4:37 PM
but there is a guy down here in Texas, who races mountainbike, with only one leg. To give him his props, he really kicks butt! It was quite humbling to hear "TRAIL!" and when passed see that I was passed by a gut with a carbon fiber leg. What is a handicap, but simply a problem to be overcome???