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advice for hosting time trial series? (x-post from racing)(4 posts)

advice for hosting time trial series? (x-post from racing)JS Haiku Shop
Mar 31, 2003 11:22 AM
i'm quite active in the local (rec) club and am considering putting on an individual time trial series--one per weekend, four to six weekends, each tt of longer distance or difficulty. the club hosts two complete (with SAG and entry fee) rides per year, no races. the local race scene is modest, at best.

many questions--i've never done this or hosted/organized any event in the past. i've also never ridden an "official" ITT. will be doing this under the umbrella of the club, which has a board of directors (i'm on it) and is fully insured.

advertising or getting the word out: suggestions?

how many volunteers are needed to run an ITT?

how to make it "official" with USCF? (is USCF the right org?)

what of permits and closing roads?

what is the right amount to ask for an entry fee?

what support is required, if any?

are ITTs done in categories like road races and crits?

can ITT results be used to "cat up"?

ANY advice or observations from experience is/are most appreciated!


Some answers...TJeanloz
Mar 31, 2003 11:37 AM
In terms of advertising, pick weekends that don't currently have local races scheduled; print up flyers and leave them at registration tables at the local races, word will spread.

In terms of volunteers, it is entirely dependant on the course. As many as 50, as few as 6 might be needed. The variable factors are: length of course, number of intersections, etc.

Permiting will have to go through your local P.D. -- it will be increasingly difficult if the course goes through more than one police jurisdiction. This is also highly dependent on the course. Don't expect to get the road fully closed.

Entry fee, also dependent on length, anywhere from $10-$25 seems reasonable.

I don't think you need to provide any support.

TTs are done in categories, but aren't so important, because riders can't help each other (you could set off a cat 5 rider, followed 1 minute behind by a pro, and it wouldn't really effect things).

ITT results can generally not be used to move up through the categories.

I would recommend that if you want to do a series, you do it on the same course every week -- this lets people compare their progress, and is easier to do from a logistics POV.
re: advice for hosting time trial series? (x-post from racing)Spunout
Mar 31, 2003 12:28 PM
Around here, Thursday is TT nite. Weekends are for longer races, unless you have some championship TT.

A few volunteers, entry is free to club members. Single-day entry is possible, but if you do it three times you are a club member. Nothing serious, everyone works on their PBs.

Try here

And here, when Melissa Holt (Team Rona) shows up and nukes all classes male and female!

Speeds are in KM/h!
re: advice for hosting time trial series? (x-post from racing)JBergland
Apr 1, 2003 6:35 AM
JS Haiku Shop,

"advertising or getting the word out: suggestions?"
I would check out local cycling resources. In MN we have the MCF ( that organizes a number of different events and activities. I would also try and connect with local clubs and bike shops. The Tri-geek crowd might also be interested in participating in TTs.

"how many volunteers are needed to run an ITT?"
As TJ suggested, it depends on the course. As a rough estimate... 2-3 for registration, 2 at the start, 1-2 at the turn around (if you have one), 2-3 picking numbers at the finish. We have gotten by with as few as 7 for our weekly TTs.

"how to make it "official" with USCF? (is USCF the right org?)"
Contact your local USCF official.

"what of permits and closing roads?"
Local PD.

"what is the right amount to ask for an entry fee?"
TJ's suggestion of $10-$25 sounds about right... maybe a little on the lower side.

"what support is required, if any?"
I would say none.

"are ITTs done in categories like road races and crits?"
Not really. It depends on the promoter. Most TTs I've seen have Open, 35+, and stock as basic cats.

"can ITT results be used to "cat up"?"
Nope... only mass start events can be used to 'cat up'.

Again, TJ had a GREAT suggestion of using the same course. I would strongly encourage that!!

Good Luck!!