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Less than 22 hours ! (double century ride report w/ pics)(10 posts)

Less than 22 hours ! (double century ride report w/ pics)PeterRider
Mar 31, 2003 9:57 AM
On saturday I did the double century in Solvang, for the 300km brevet credit. Since last week people were making fun of my 11hours century time, I tried to hurry to finish in less than 22 hours ! :-) I did 13:47hours.

This time I was depressed earlier than on my first double, I was feeling bad at mile 80-90. At that point, I was in such a bad mood, pissed at the fact I was wasting my time on this ride, didn't feel like eating or drinking or drafting at all. All I wanted was big steep mountains (!). Not for the climb... but for the reward, the going-down-after-the-climb.

Later on the ride:
- I raced 20 miles against the sun... I bet to him he wouldn't be down before I reached the last rest stop. I won by a bit.
- I got angry at the last hill, telling it to level because it was slowing me down
- I chased a SAG vehicle in the steep and rough downhill that followed, going 30mph in the dark... All the way down I managed to follow the car. OK, this was a bit crazy, but I didn't want to lose the rear lights of the car, which showed me where the turns were.

The full ride report with pictures and no popups is up on

Below: the impressive Morro rock in Morro Bay approximately at mile 100.

personally I would have gotten the 6x6 with beacon!nmthe bull
Mar 31, 2003 10:04 AM
congrats on finishing! (nm)laffeaux
Mar 31, 2003 10:11 AM
looks like funDougSloan
Mar 31, 2003 10:16 AM
Looks like perfect weather, especially compared to my aborted attempt last year.

13 hours isn't bad at all.

Good ride.

Beautiful course, sunshine, tailwinds...Lon Norder
Mar 31, 2003 10:26 AM
What more could a cyclist ask for? Hey, was that you with the white bicycle and Caltech jersey?
Was probably my friend ChristophePeterRider
Mar 31, 2003 11:55 AM
he finished in 11 hours, a long time before me. I wasn't wearing the caltech jersey on saturday.

The 2003 Solvang Double was truly a great ride....Bruno S
Mar 31, 2003 11:27 AM
Absolutely great weather, large attendance and very well put together by Planet Ultra: Frequent and fully stock stations, SAG wagons, lights drop off, accurate cue sheet and great route.

Finished with day light at 6:15pm. Riding time was only 10:15 hours but I did spend some time at the check points and had a double flat. Yes, both tires at the same time. Had to use the floor pump from the SAG because I don't carry a pump that works. (I learned that on this ride)
I did the Greek 300Km Brevet too (in 10h 5') i was so pissed...SGrouts
Mar 31, 2003 11:45 AM
...with two guys. The one was all the time in my team train (5 persons)drafting and never sat in the air (we had head-on air for 150 km at the return leg. Finally he finished fresh at 6th pos and i finished exhausted 8th (from total 79 riders) because at the last 15km a almost "leg-died" (not bonked).
The other guy had his wife with his expensive car all the way (10 hours!!!) following him and giving him everything, from food to electrolytes, water & fruits. Where does he think he is? TDF!!!???
Finally a dog bite me at the finish line (see post below)

Thats all.
You're too fast for me nowms
Mar 31, 2003 11:55 AM
I think that I could have done the Solvang course in 13+ hours. But, now I worry that I really may be the slowest person around who has aspirations of doing a double century.
I am happy to see that the cake au lard -- French health food -- has made a return in the pics. I assume that you benefit from the "French paradox" -- that is, the French can eat cheese and other high fat foods but don't have the cholesterol problems that mortals like me have even when we watch our diet. I'm still game to try it if I ever ride again in the West. Congratulations on your time.
re: Less than 22 hours ! (double century ride report w/ pics)flying
Mar 31, 2003 12:19 PM
Really pretty course!
Looks like fun & sun.
Wow we dont have In & Outs here but that 6x6 looks scary good ;-)