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I'm going to buy one new aero wheel...Front or Back?(2 posts)

I'm going to buy one new aero wheel...Front or Back?Swat Dawg
Mar 30, 2003 10:00 PM
I am looking at purchasing one wheel. I'll eventually get two, but one to start cause money is funny. Anyway, I am curious as to which wheel provides the most benefit? Is a deep (38-58mm) section wheel more aerodynamic than spinergy RevX or tri-blades? I ask that question because I notice that in a time trial half the pros ride deep section, and the other half tri-blades. They also seem to put an emphasis on rear wheel aerodynamics as they usually put full discs back their, or do they just not do that on the front because it would mess up steering in a cross wind? I don't think I am really interested in Spinergy's or tri-blades, but I am curious as to whether they are more drag resistant than deep sections, and if so, how negatively do they effect handling. By the way my wheels would be used in Crits and RR (lots of Crits). I might try a time trial, but they are kinda intimidating, and don't look to be as fun. So if you have information, or suggestions I'd appreciate it. BTW, I am considering AM Classic (420 or Carbons), Zipps, or the new Reynolds look cool. Thanks for your help,

Swat Dawg '04
re: I'm going to buy one new aero wheel...Front or Back?russw19
Mar 30, 2003 11:23 PM
If you are only buying one for now, make it the front. The rear wheel will effectively draft off your frame. You want to get a front first if you are only getting one. It will cut thru the wind and clean up the turbulance coming off your front wheel and move it more efficiently around your frame than just an aero rear wheel will. I would recommend a nice deep rim low spoke wheel like a Zipp 404. Or a trispoke design, but most of those are being replaced by better spoked wheels. Do a search and I am sure you will find a wheel that is aero enough for you and suits your needs, but is still in your price range. But again, if it's only going to be one, start up front.

Just my opinion