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Shipping a bike(1 post)

Shipping a bikejfd141
Mar 30, 2003 9:51 AM
Does anyone have any experience shipping bicycles from the US to Europe(costs, customs, etc)? I am currently studying in Holland but my buddy and I are trying to plan a big cycling trip this summer throughout Europe and I would really prefer to have my trusty steed from the US rather than riding around on my POS city bike or a crappy rented bike.

One more question: I know that different airlines have different policies regarding bicycles as checked luggage. Does anyone know what KLM/Northwest's policy is? If it's free I would almost consider going back to the US for a wedding and bringing my bike back (killing two birds with one stone so to speak). But the only cheap fare I could find was a student fare on KLM (I assume has the same policy as Northwest since they are codeshare partners etc). Thanks for any advice (and yes I realize all this could have been avoided if I would have planned ahead better and just brought my damn bike with me to begin with).