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rant: cycling MUTs and NUTs(4 posts)

rant: cycling MUTs and NUTscyclopathic
Mar 30, 2003 6:42 AM
my daily commute takes me over ~8mi of highly used MUT, and to my surprise some of my cycling fellows behave irresponsibly. Every couple minutes or so I pass by someone hands off handlebar talking away on cellphone or riding 4' wide bridge Xing with heavy 2-way traffic in aerobars.

On top of that you come across runners, rollerbladers; stupid geese, who get territorial, stop in the middle of trail and stare at you and won't leave while you try to brake hard and go around; equally intelligent house wives with toddlers blocking trail completely, blind corners, bad pavement and yes heavy rush hour commuter traffic on one of the most used MUT.

Clueless? irresponsible? dangerous?
re: rant: cycling MUTs and NUTsblownpupil
Mar 30, 2003 8:55 AM
AS a cyclist, I have to realize that MUT are for's where bladers, joggers, dog-walkers do their thing. I can use the roads...they can't. If I want to use the MUT I need to realize that there will be kids learning how to ride bikes, leashed dogs, families out for walks with little ones & strollers, etc.

I do NO "serious" riding on the MUT for that reason. I respect that the MUT is all some people have, and take my "fast" (relative term) riding elsewhere, for BOTH their and my benefit.
re: rant: cycling MUTs and NUTsTrent in WA
Mar 30, 2003 9:30 AM
Cyclo, let me guess: the Burke-Gilman trail in Seattle? The section from Fremont through 35th NE (i.e. the geese to the narrow bridge) is especially lethal.

The guys on aerobars really piss me off, along with the teams of racerboys practicing pacelining at 20 mph. The rest of the casual comedy you mention, I just take for granted. I used to get irate as well at the nice parents using the trail for teaching their five-year olds how to ride. Talk about not holding a line. After awhile, though, I decided that, really, the trail was for people like them more so than for people like me: I could always take it to the street, whereas they couldn't, at least not here in town.

But have you ever considered aiming at the geese? I know they're migratorial birds, but they're made of meat, for god's sake.


p.s. The guys on aerobars tend to be truly dangerous. It's not just that they usually don't have full control of their bike, even to the extent that's possible with aerobars; they're usually, as far as I can tell, focused on their workout and oblivious to the trail traffic situation around them. Once, I passed one going the other way towards a busy section who actually got off the bars and slowed down. I felt like stopping and applauding.
re: rant: cycling MUTs and NUTskeeshadog
Mar 30, 2003 2:31 PM
yeah, he had to be talking about the burke-gilman trail. but, i actually kinda like running into that gang of wild chickens that's always out and about, up near kenmore/bothell. i've realized that they provide a little bit of comic relief and a good reason to change pace a as i wind my way through the herd. (what is the proper name for a group of wild, urban chickens, by the way?) matter of fact, i was a bit disappointed this past week when i rode through a couple of times and didnt see - or hear - them. i'd always thought of them as a real pain, but was glad to see them back friday when i rode through again.